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  • pronoun Geordie yourself


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  • a ', as long as ye go on only looking to enjoy yersel -- _yersel_?

    Daily Thoughts selected from the writings of Charles Kingsley by his wife

  • The second sight was wi 'me, Dan, and I saw, no' yersel '-- whereby I seemed to ken that ye were safe -- but a puir dying soul stretched on a bed o' sorrow.


  • "Na, young'un," Raf said in his ear, "Iff'n ye kin do that, ye kin call yersel 'a roof walker, eh?"

    Take A Thief

  • The dwarf spoke low and harsh: 'Sith ye be boon to mak' a knichtly fool o 'yersel', I can at least ease yer gowkishness for ye.

    Three Hearts and Three Lions

  • But ye 'ill be pleased to know, "here the figure relaxed and beamed on the anxious minister," that a'm rael weel satisfied wi' yersel ', and a'm thinkin'

    Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush

  • Think shame o 'yersel', think shame o 'yersel', for the sorrow you hae brought!

    A Daughter of Fife

  • "Is na that makin 'yersel' oot better nor ither fowk, lass?"

    The Elect Lady

  • With the act the question seemed shot from her -- "Duv ye ca 'yersel' an honest man, noo, Ma'colm?"

    The Marquis of Lossie

  • I cudna gang ohn hed a word wi 'yersel', sir, to see whether ye wadna lat me bide wi 'ye, sir.

    The Marquis of Lossie

  • "It's no mainner o 'use mentionin' 't," replied Janet; "for, as ye ken, I'm un'er authority, an 'yersel' h'ard my man tell me to tak unco percaution no to lat ye gang; for verily, Angus, ye hae conduckit yersel 'this day more like ane possessed wi' a legion, than the douce faimily man 'at ye're supposit by the laird, yer maister, to be."

    Sir Gibbie


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  • translation: yourself

    July 18, 2007