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  • A state of the northeast United States. One of the original Thirteen Colonies, it was visited by Dutch navigators after 1614, and in 1635 colonists from Massachusetts Bay began to settle in the Connecticut River valley. In 1639 the colony adopted the Fundamental Orders, a constitution based on the consent of the governed. Connecticut ratified the United States Constitution in 1788. Hartford is the capital and Bridgeport the largest city.

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  • proper noun A state of the United States of America. Capital: Hartford.

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  • noun one of the British colonies that formed the United States
  • noun a New England state; one of the original 13 colonies
  • noun a river in the northeastern United States; flows south from northern New Hampshire along the border between New Hampshire and Vermont and through Massachusetts and Connecticut where it empties into Long Island Sound


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Said to be from Mohican (Algonquian) quinnitukqut "at the long tidal river," from *kwen- "long" (spelling due to confusion with connect) + *-ehtekw "tidal river" + *-enk "place."


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  • SEN CHRISTOPHER DODD (3), CONNECTICUT: After 35 years resting the people of Connecticut in the United States Congress, I will not be a candidate for re-election this November.

    CNN Transcript Jan 9, 2010 2010

  • CHRISTOPHER DODD (D), CONNECTICUT: After 35 years of representing the people of Connecticut and the United States Congress, I will not be a candidate for re-election this November.

    CNN Transcript Jan 9, 2010 2010

  • CHIEF JAMES LEWIS, NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT POLICE: Raymond Clark III, 24 years of age of Middleton, Connecticut was arrested for the murder in the death of Annie Le.

    CNN Transcript Sep 17, 2009 2009

  • JOSEPH LIEBERMAN (I), CONNECTICUT: I said quite honestly to my colleagues that I knew some of them were upset about positions I had taken, but like each of them I didn't get elected by telling my voters in Connecticut that I would follow the majority of my caucus even if I thought on some things they were wrong.

    CNN Transcript Dec 15, 2009 2009

  • JOSEPH LIEBERMAN, CONNECTICUT: Praise the Lord, and praise the voters of Connecticut!

    CNN Transcript Nov 3, 2006 2006

  • JOE LIEBERMAN (D), CONNECTICUT: The question that is being asked of the Democrats here in Connecticut is will we impose a litmus test, the same kind of litmus test that we criticize the Republicans for imposing, particularly on one issue on which I have taken a principled stand, clearly not one that's to my political advantage, which is the war against terrorism.

    CNN Transcript Jul 7, 2006 2006

  • JOE LIEBERMAN (D), CONNECTICUT: My opponent is running more against George Bush and the Iraq war than he's running against me and my record, because he can't run against me and the rest of my record because it's a proud record of delivering for the state of Connecticut.

    CNN Transcript Jul 3, 2006 2006

  • CONNECTICUT: Benefits 76,000 workers in Connecticut, representing 9.8 percent of all hourly workers in the state.

    Minimum Wage Raise Benefits On State By State Basis ITY National Archives 1996

  • CONNECTICUT 76, RUTGERS 58 Jerome Dyson scored 20 points as visiting Connecticut defeated Rutgers for the ninth time in a row.

    NYT > Home Page By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 2010

  • CONNECTICUT 87, SYRACUSE 66 Maya Moore had a season-high 38 points and a career-high 20 rebounds to help top-ranked Connecticut beat host Syracuse for its

    NYT > Home Page By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 2010


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  • For a list about Connecticut, see the-land-of-steady-habits.

    December 6, 2016

  • "In Piers Plowman, the character 'Liar' decides to become a spice merchant. This is appropriate not only because he is said to know a lot about aromatic 'gums' but also because he knows how to extend them fraudulently. Mixing fake with authentic spices is enshrined in a small corner of American historical lore. Legend has it that sharp Connecticut traders perfected the manufacture of imitation wooden nutmegs that were added to real ones, the fakery covered by the cunning artifice of their making and the powerful aroma of the real nutmegs. The popularizer of this story was Thomas Chandler Halliburton (1796-1865), a Canadian judge from Nova Scotia, who wrote folkloric stories about Sam Slick, a Yankee peddler who sold nutmegs liberally laced with wooden fakes. The tale was so appealing that the state adopted the unusual sobriquet 'the Nutmeg State,' which says something about the admiration of business success over mere ethics."

    Paul Freedman, Out of the East: Spices and the Medieval Imagination (New Haven and London: Yale UP, 2008), 124.

    November 28, 2017