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  • fouled up.
  • n. A ridiculously chaotic situation.
  • n. A major glitch or breakdown.


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The term was born during WWII as an acronym of the initials of the words situation normal, all fucked up, which summed up the chaos and confusion of the war from an individual soldier’s point of view.


  • SNAFU is short for 'Situation Normal - All Fucked Up' - Jon

    Bell Mobility No Service fee: literally

  • Relays in the Tank take over an 'whatever vision-program SNAFU is telecastin comes on your Logic's screen.

    Boing Boing

  • Epitomizes the acronym SNAFU, as we used to say in the military.

    Sound Politics

  • The word SNAFU is an old military acronym which stands for situation normal all fouled up.

    Breaking News: CBS News

  • If anyone is familiar with the meaning of the acronym SNAFU, I think this pretty well sums up just about every MS product announcement.


  • Maybe after being exposed to the government organization that invented the phrase SNAFU (and you DO know what that stands for, right?) you become a little skeptical of government bureacracy?

    Free Trade in Tech Labor, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The technical term for this is SNAFU, which is not what you want by any means, either.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • SNAFU, which is not an acronym for Situation Normal All Fouled Up. • FUBAR, which does not stand for Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.

    David Harsanyi: Censoring the Greatest Generation

  • We began to hear new terminology from Bataan, such as SNAFU

    Blood Brothers

  • This is due to some kind of SNAFU with the switchover from Feedburner's infrastructure to Google's (Google has owned Feedburner for some time, but has only now moved over the feeds to new machines).

    The Java Posse


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  • Old WW2 cartoons which had the origin of the word 'Snafu'. 1943

    there was a series of cartoons featuring Private Snafu.

    October 26, 2015