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  • n. The doctrine that every physical substance is the sum of its component matter and the form taken by that matter.


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  • Nor does Dietrich wish to distinguish God from creatures by postulating a theory of universal hylomorphism, which is the view that all creatures, even spiritual ones, are marked as creatures by the possession of some form of materiality.

    Dietrich of Freiberg

  • The word “form” in definition (3) naturally calls hylomorphism to mind.

    Descartes' Theory of Ideas

  • The 2000-year old thing is hylomorphism, the inextricable unity of matter and form.

    March 18th, 2009

  • Libet proposes a theory of brain-mind interactionism (known in philosophy and theology as hylomorphism) opposed to a strict Cartesian substance dualism.

    Book Review: Quantum Enigma

  • Aristotelian hylomorphism the thesis that material things are composed of matter and an activating principle called a form had to be rejected due to the new astronomy; an alternative theory of matter was found in ancient atomism.

    Nancey Murphy - Is “Nonreductive Physicalism” an Oxymoron?

  • Drawing upon Aristotelian hylomorphism, he argues that it is the matter of existence that acquires forms as it constantly changes.

    Mulla Sadra

  • Although many aspects of Aristotle's causal theories were extensively and critically debated, this basic hylomorphism persisted throughout; and it is this, rather than anything more arcane, which often poses the greatest problems in assimilating, or evaluating, medieval thought on these topics.

    Medieval Theories of Causation

  • Protevi 2001 looks at the accompanying notions of hylomorphism and self-organization in the history of philosophy; Bonta and Protevi 2004 treat Deleuze and dynamic systems theory with regard to its potentials for geographical work.

    Gilles Deleuze

  • Weisheipl ([1980], p. 243), for example, describes the plurality of forms as “simply a logical consequence of” universal hylomorphism.

    Binarium Famosissimum

  • But in fact the medieval theory of universal hylomorphism maintained something slightly weaker than that; it held that all substances except God were composed of matter and form, whereas God is entirely immaterial.

    Binarium Famosissimum

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