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  • n. A breathing apparatus that recycles expelled air, removing carbon dioxide and allowing extended use of a supply.


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  • The most critical part of a rebreather are the oxygen sensors.

    Richard Pyle dives the reef's Twilight Zone

  • The blackness around her seemed full of huge shapes, and the strange taste of the rebreather was a constant reminder that she didn’t belong in this cold and inky realm.


  • Rose kept her eyes moving as she wandered through the hazy farmland at a job, the rebreather filtering the foul air still leftover from the war.

    365 tomorrows » featured writer : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Her usual rebreather was getting its filters changed, so she borrowed her mother†™ s red one, the one she wore out.

    365 tomorrows » featured writer : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • After removing her mask and peeling back her hood, she took off her rebreather, reached down, and accepted the two dry bags from Casey.

    The Athena Project

  • Cadets wore infinite rebreather masks that reduced visibility, and because they were weightless, cadets had to kick off walls and other surfaces to maneuver.

    Delta Anomaly

  • “Here you go, sir,” Spencer said, handing her the rebreather.


  • She stuffed the rebreather back into her mouth, then swam closer beneath the surface, her heart pounding in her ears.


  • If she could find him, they could swim away, sharing the rebreather between them.


  • The rebreather itself was practically a living creature, a set of fabricated gills that had to be kept wet even in storage.



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