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  • noun A rhombohedral crystal.

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  • noun In geometry, an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram; a quadrilateral figure whose sides are equal, and the opposite sides parallel, but the angles unequal, two being obtuse and two acute.
  • noun In crystallography, a solid bounded by six equal and similar rhombic planes; a rhombohedron.
  • noun In zoology, a pair of semirhombs forming a rhombic figure, as certain plates of cystic crinoids.
  • noun A material circle.

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  • noun (Geom.) An equilateral parallelogram, or quadrilateral figure whose sides are equal and the opposite sides parallel. The angles may be unequal, two being obtuse and two acute, as in the cut, or the angles may be equal, in which case it is usually called a square.
  • noun (Geom.) A rhombohedron.
  • noun (Opt.) a rhomb or oblique parallelopiped of crown or St. Gobain glass so cut that a ray of light entering one of its faces at right angles shall emerge at right angles at the opposite face, after undergoing within the rhomb, at other faces, two reflections. It is used to produce a ray circularly polarized from a plane-polarized ray, or the reverse.

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  • noun A rhombus

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  • noun a parallelogram with four equal sides; an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram


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[Late Latin rhombus; see rhombus.]


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  • If the length of the sides of a parallelogram are all equal and the angles are not right angles, as in Figure 68, it is called a rhomb, rhombus or diamond.

    Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught Joshua Rose

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  • _ Calcium carbonate crystallizes in the form of rhomb-shaped crystals which belong to the hexagonal system.

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson

  • On rotating this rhomb of spar, one of these marks is seen to revolve round the other, which remains stationary, the moving mark passing further from the centre in places.

    The Chemistry, Properties and Tests of Precious Stones John Mastin

  • Thus saving the Sun his labour, and the 'primum mobile,' 'that swift nocturnal and diurnal rhomb,' which carried all the lower spheres along with it, and brought about the change of day and night.

    The Astronomy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost' Thomas Nathaniel Orchard

  • He showed how to obtain and detect circularly polarized light by means of his rhomb.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI 1840-1916 1913

  • The Chinese and Tartar mandarins who accompanied them hindered them exceedingly; they had orders not to let the Fathers go where they would, ... and would never allow them sufficient time for observation of meridians, the measurement of roads, the variation of the needle (magnetic needle), the rhomb, and the estimation of positions from these elements.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss 1840-1916 1913

  • A studded door stood ajar, and through the gap, from a guiding beacon of infamy, fell a rhomb of yellow light, suddenly obscured by a squat female figure when the steps of the

    The Historical Nights' Entertainment First Series Rafael Sabatini 1912

  • When, for example, in the demonstration of the theorem of Pythagoras, children handle the various pieces of the metal insets, they should start from the point at which they become aware that a rectangle is equal to the rhomb, and

    Spontaneous Activity in Education Maria Montessori 1911

  • Often as this rhomb-line must have been noticed, no explanation of it has ever, to my knowledge, been given.

    Mars 1895


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