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  • noun (Zoöl.) A saxicoline singing bird (Kittacincla macroura) of India, noted for the sweetness and power of its song. In confinement it imitates the notes of other birds and various animals with accuracy. Its head, neck, back, breast, and tail are glossy black, the rump white, the under parts chestnut.

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  • noun Kittacincla macroura, a saxicoline songbird of India, glossy black with a white rump and brown underparts.


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  • Barlow turned his face to where the songster was perched in the top branches of a wild-fig, and Bootea, said in a low voice: "Sahib, it is said that the shama is a soul come back to earth to sing of love that men may not grow harsh."


  • Their costume consists of drawers, a cotton shirt, with a white cotton-cloth cloak, called a shama, having a broad scarlet border, and, in addition, a lion-skin tippet with long tails.

    Our Soldiers Gallant Deeds of the British Army during Victoria's Reign

  • "It's a white-rumped shama thrush," Lionberg said.


  • The shama was warbling and whistling, a tumbling sweetness that was polyphonic, like falling water made into sparkling lozenges of pure sound.


  • He heard doves cooing, the whistling of bulbuls, and the complex song of the shama, which Rain had commented on.


  • She was still listening to the song of the shama thrush perched in the hibiscus hedge.


  • I sure hope that nickledeon doesn't give shama full reign to make whatever decision he wants and has the writers right there to smack him back into place while he's ruining this amazing story.

    M. Night Shyamalan Talks About Avatar: The Last Airbender «

  • The white-rumped shama began singing again, its whistling warbling song, and this helped him change the subject.


  • When Simeon was born, Leah said (Gen. 29: 33): “This is because the Lord heard [shama] that I was unloved and has given me this one also.”

    Leah: Midrash and Aggadah.

  • Orangutans, pig-tailed macaques (Macaca nemestrina), and the white-rumped shama (Copyschus malabaricus), with its melodious calls, can be seen or heard during the early part of the day.

    Borneo lowland rain forests


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  • The Black Shama is a medium-sized bird with all-black plumage, a long, graduated tail, and dark brown eyes. Its song is a rich, varied series of melodious whistles; it also mimics other birds. Endemic to the island of Cebu in the Philippines; classified as endangered.

    March 5, 2008