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  • referring to a convenience store, perhaps in a bad part of town, in the book "Moon Called" by Patricia Briggs

    June 14, 2010

  • totally, dude

    May 15, 2009

  • From the section "Individuals in Society" on this Wordcraft page:

    ubuntu – in rough terms, humanity, not as an individual as defined by one's interrelationships. The South African Governmental White Paper on Welfare officially recognizes ubuntu as "The principle of caring for each other's well-being...and a spirit of mutual support …"

    further down, the site quotes:

    Christianity in North America and Europe tends to buy into the Enlightenment ethos of "enlightened self-interest" and "rational individualism." The individual as free agent is the starting point for thinking about society, and this of course reduces community to little more than a collection of individuals who come together out of self-interest.

    In contrast, the underlying principle of Archbishop Tutu's Christian ethics is the African notion of "ubuntu." Ubuntu is a difficult word to translate, but it connotes community, with the understanding that it's impossible to isolate persons from community, that there's an organic relationship between all people such that when we see another, we should recognize ourselves and the God in whose image all people are made. Interdependence and reciprocity, not independence and self-sufficiency, are the keys here. As Tutu magnificently says, "A self-sufficient human being is subhuman. I have gifts that you do not have, so consequently, I am unique--you have gifts that I do not have, so you are unique. God has made us so that we will need each other. We are made for a delicate network of interdependence."

    – Kerry Walters, reviewing Reconciliation: The Ubuntu Theology of Desmond Tutu by Michael Jesse Battle and Desmond Mpilo Tutu

    March 3, 2009

  • Nothing. It means nothing. I'm sorry.

    But it IS symmetrical, and that's what really matters in word design, right?

    October 21, 2007

  • Having received the head-treatment affections of a witch doctor.

    October 21, 2007

  • Shaft, Conan, Gandalf, Clint Eastwood, etc.

    October 20, 2007

  • An exclamation in observation of excellentness.

    Distinct from badass.

    October 20, 2007

  • I had thought of artism as being distinct from the varied and grievous facets of wank, but I think what you both point out is important: there is a form of artism devoid of all craft that is chronic and contagious in Wankerville. What is to be done? It's also unfortunate that they're so encouraged and gratified by the tasteless, rich homemakers who prey on their work. I think this could be why the Illuminati are preparing Mars for colonization. We need some place to put Wankerville. (I promise I'll write after my visit is through.)

    October 12, 2007

  • ...I ever heard, was when a friend was reading a copy of "Mother Earth News" magazine and, turning to relate something interesting, instead called the magazine "Mother Nerth Ewws".

    June 26, 2007

  • sarahatlee pointed out to me, that "no one joins a cult." I imagine this word being used only by those unaffiliated to the dogma of the person being referred to.

    May 17, 2007

  • usage: "My brother the cultie was a Christian last week, a Hindi the week before, and now all he can talk about is Scientology."

    May 17, 2007

  • usage: "I met a (insert religious devotee here) who never even read the book. What a cultie!"

    May 17, 2007

  • usage: "We met at the screwery for a lunch never to be forgotten."

    usage: "I was ordained high priest of the screwery."

    May 17, 2007

  • usage: "Gas prices are higher because of the gas company and their screwery!"

    May 17, 2007

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