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  • A Hebrew prophet of the eighth century B.C.
  • n. See Table at Bible.

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  • proper n. A book of the Old Testament of the Bible.

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  • n. an Old Testament book telling Hosea's prophecies
  • n. a minor Hebrew prophet (8th century BC)


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Hebrew hôšēa', salvation, from hôšîa', to save; see wṯʿ in Semitic roots.
After Hosea.


  • Hosea. (9 pages) Hosea is believed to be the first prophet to use marriage as a metaphor of the covenant between God and Israel, and he influenced latter prophets such as Jeremiah.

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  • Hosea is told, not as in Ho 1: 2, "take a wife," but "love" her, that is, renew thy conjugal kindness to her. who look to other gods -- that is, have done so heretofore, but henceforth (from the return from Babylon) shall do so no more (Ho 3: 4). flagons of wine -- rather, pressed cakes of dried grapes, such as were offered to idols (Jer 7: 18) [Maurer].

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

  • Hosea psh, it could not have turned out worse stupid d-bag Hosea won, followed by Stefan, and then Carla after reading blogs/columns/and comments about the show today, I am glad to report that I am not the only one that believes that Hosea is the luckiest, most undeserving, underwhelming, untalented, not to mention ugly, winner it really is a slap in the face to past winners as well as the contestants who were more deserving of the prize this year

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  • He is called Hosea, a name bestowed on him, by way of clerical joke, and I am sure with a profane reminiscence of

    The Red Planet

  • High, she had called Hosea "Joshua" and summoned him back to his people that he might command their forces, she felt as if she had found in him some compensation for her dead father's loss, and devoted herself with fresh vigor to the arduous duties which everywhere demanded her attention.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Georg Ebers Works

  • Meanwhile, however, she addressed him by his former name Hosea, and when he perceived it was intentional, he asked if she had forgotten that it was she herself who, as the confidante of the Most High, had commanded him henceforward to call himself "Joshua."

    Joshua — Volume 5

  • But you totally owe me one for cutting Fabio instead of Hosea, which is what should have happened because Fabio is about a billion times more interesting and entertaining than Hosea, and also, methinks, a better chef.

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • The reference to Israel/Ephraim recalls Hosea and especially the moving statement of God's internal conflict between justice and mercy.


  • If you call me 'Hosea' again I will take the 'Hephzy' across the Point Rip.

    Kent Knowles: Quahaug

  • She had dropped the hated "Hosea," I am happy to say, but in the presence of those outside the family she still addressed me as "Uncle."

    Kent Knowles: Quahaug


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