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  • Back in SF, the “One Impossible Idea” rule and what I call the Paradigm Shift Caveat are comprehensible in terms of how readers want the incredible but in a rationalised form.

    War of All Against All: Realism vs Fabulism? Er, No… 2009

  • Paradigm” - A Paradigm is an overused term that appears in every corporate structure.

    My Five Best Overused Corporate Terms | myFiveBest 2009

  • What was left of the Paradigm is barely holding together, as Qubit runs off with Encanta (to save her from death at Cary’s hands — Bette totally egging him on).

    Comic Review: Irredeemable #9 | Fandomania 2009

  • He notes that medical device giant Medtronic has a very early version of an artificial pancreas called the Paradigm Veo insulin pump, sold in 50 countries but not in the United States.

    Reuters: Top News 2011

  • He notes that medical device giant Medtronic has a very early version of an artificial pancreas called the Paradigm Veo insulin pump, sold in 50 countries but not in the United States.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion 2011

  • The charity has a centre in Leigh, near Manchester, where people can go and work with the therapy it has devised, called Paradigm.

    WalesOnline - Home 2011

  • To compensate for that, the game offers a real-time role switching mechanic known as Paradigm Shifting.

    Gaming Target 2010

  • But MoD demands and third-party sales have grown so rapidly that the Skynet operator, a company called Paradigm, has already gone back to the City to get backing to build a fourth satellite.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition 2010

  • Apple would provide the software (called Paradigm, for the paradigm shift it would predicate) and hardware (Pocket Crystal), while outside companies would provide the wireless networks and content.

    Gizmodo Tom Hormby 2010

  • Stanford Financial Group entity headquartered in Antigua, and was known as the Paradigm

    Latest Articles 2010


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  • word replacement for Theory

    Skeptic's Dictionary:

    Two recent articles address this issue:

    David Morrison's "Only a Theory? Framing the Evolution/Creation Issue"

    Lawrence Krauss's "Mind your language."

    Krauss, a professor of physics, argues in the December 3, 2005, issue of New Scientist that misusing the word theory plays into the hands of creationists.

    Morrison, an astrobiologist, argues in the November/December 2005 issue of Skeptical Inquirer that to debate "the theory of evolution" is a trap that benefits creationists.

    Similar quibbles have arisen regarding the word believe.

    Eugenie Scott has argued, according to Krauss, that we shouldn't use the word "believe" in a scientific context because it blurs the distinction between science and religion.

    Also, parapsychologist Dean Radin chafes at the word belief when applied to his beliefs about the reality of psi.

    To him, having overwhelming evidence for a position means you don't have to say you believe. Faith requires belief, parapsychology doesn't.

    It does seem awkward to speak of believing in electricity or believing in gravity especially when one considers that people talk about believing that God is three persons in one being or of believing that Mary was a virgin and the mother of God.

    The word "belief" is quite elastic and covers a vast range of options.

    Unfortunately, so does the word "theory".

    Krauss doesn't think string theory should be called a theory but a model or a paradigm, even though he admits that "the string enterprise has produced a very impressive body of theoretical work."

    Krauss would like us to restrict our use of 'theory' in science to what is "a logically coherent and predictive system that has been tested against experiment or observation. It explains observable phenomena and makes falsifiable predictions about them."

    Krauss also thinks it's "incorrect" to refer to inflationary theory in cosmology. We should speak of the inflationary paradigm when we "describe the hypothesized growth of the universe soon after it began." Krauss writes:


    Maintaining this semantic distinction is not merely contentious nitpicking.

    A key part of the argument made by those who wish to introduce religion into science classes is that evolution is "just a theory".

    By "theory" these individuals are referring to the common lay usage of the word, meaning a hunch or a guess, and not the more restrictive sense in which the term is normally discussed in science....When debating the nature of science with advocates of intelligent design, I am frequently confronted with the claim that string theory is no more scientific than intelligent design.


    January 3, 2010