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  • proper n. A fictional kingdom in Central Europe.
  • proper n. Hence a place of adventure, romance and intrigue.

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  • n. an imaginary kingdom in central Europe; often used as a scene for intrigue and romance


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Used by Anthony Hope as a setting for his novels.


  • Yet another added scene recognized the reality, bringing news of Ernest Battler's - Hitler's - invasion of "Ruritania" - Poland.

    Top stories from Times Online

  • If "Ruritania" was being attacked by "Walldavia," the first task of the State and its intellectuals was to convince the people of Ruritania that the attack was really upon them and not simply upon the ruling caste.


  • [6] One method of the birth of a State may be illustrated as follows: in the hills of southern "Ruritania," a bandit group manages to obtain physical control over the territory, and finally the bandit chieftain proclaims himself "King of the sovereign and independent government of South Ruritania"; and, if he and his men have the force to maintain this rule for a while, lo and behold!


  • For those who love old movies, MGM was a romantic Ruritania.

    A Peek Inside the Dream Factory

  • Rudolf Rassendyll—whose uncanny resemblance to the soon-to-be-crowned King of Ruritania is key to the plot that unfolds in the novel—became hugely popular.

    Prisoner of Zenda part 1

  • Instead they would have the wondrous pleasure of having their little bit of Ruritania ruled from Brussels, their monetary policy sorted out in Frankfurt and their laws passed in Strasbourg (some of the time) and Brussels (the rest of the time).

    Counterfeit Bank Note Tales From Salmond

  • Your suggestion about parliament in the latter part of your post is surely meant as joke? it sounds like the plot of an off-the-wall comic novel set in Ruritania.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • And there were poets from Trinidad, from Ruritania, Bali, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, all over the place.


  • When our system was admired the world over no-one said "Ah yes, but in Ruritania 10% of the political prisoners are pregnant Irish crossing attendants" or some such twaddle.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • He still regards himself as the King of Comedy or Ruritania.

    Marvin Kitman: King for a Day: Leave My Jerry Alone


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