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  • n. A Vietnamese belonging to or supporting the National Liberation Front of the nation formerly named South Vietnam.
  • adj. Of or relating to the Vietcong.

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  • proper n. a communist organization and guerrilla army in South Vietnam and Cambodia that fought the United States, South Korea, Australia, and South Vietnamese governments during the Vietnam War and was supported by communist North Vietnam.


Vietnamese, short for Cong San Viet Nam, Vietnamese Communist.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • Allard, Richard M. USA POW identified by family members in Vietcong film clips.

    List of Last Known Alive

  • They wander into the hospitals, with at least twenty casualties from American firepower for one "Vietcong" - inflicted injury.


  • When I came to, I heard Vietnamese voices ... [and thought] that this was 'the end,' that the Vietcong were all around me.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Mr. LAURENCE: And the Vietcong were the indigenous South Vietnamese resistance, the National Liberation Front troops, the armed wing of the National Liberation Front.

    The Cat From Hue: A Vietnam War Story

  • The present owner of his name had been on the same leaky craft, although he had been a major official of the National Liberation Front, the so-called Vietcong.

    Enemy Within

  • The Vietcong were a broad, deeply rooted, popular movement tapping into nationalist feelings throughout the country and society, and their appeal and legitimacy ultimately proved superior to that of the South Vietnamese regime.

    New Statesman

  • I'll grant you, McCain obliquely likening his appearance on Dave to being interrogated by the Vietcong was the best use of his time as a POW he's ever made, and perhaps even the most appropriate.

  • If our economic position continues to deteriorate, as seems likely for the foreseeable future, it may well even come toa repeat of our Vietnam-style-face-saving withdrawal, wherein a Republican administration, in the 1970s, was forced to 'cut and run' when the South Vietnamesegovernment we supported was overrun by the 'Vietcong' and the North Vietnamese.

    Someone Needs to Call Candidate McCain on His "Surrender" Accusation against Democrats.

  • "Vietcong" or to Castro or to Mao as a faithful minister of this one?

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • What then can I say to the "Vietcong" or to Castro or to Mao as a faithful minister of this one? - Bush-Cheney Trials in '09


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