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  • adj. describing a molecule, such as a detergent, which has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups.
  • adj. often refers to the surface(s) on a protein, particularly an alpha helix, where one surface of the alpha helix has hydrophilic amino acids and the opposite face has hydrophobic (or lipophilic) amino acids.


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amphi- + -pathic


  • By using bioinformatic and biochemical analyses, we showed that residues 1-18 of FliI very likely form an amphipathic alpha-helix upon interaction with FliH, and that residues 21-91 of FliI resemble the N-terminal oligomerization domain of the F1-ATPase catalytic subunits.

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  • I haven't seen anything to suggest that a infitesimally-improbably compination of chemicals came together to rapidly form a minimal genetic and metabolic system contained in a amphipathic membrane (i.e. a cell).

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  • They are amphipathic molecules, with one side of the rod being composed of hydrophobic residues and the other side being composed of hydrophilic residues.

    Archive 2004-09-01

  • One consequence of the amphipathic nature of AFP's is that an ice crystal that has a surface coated with these molecules will present a hydrophobic exterior.

    Archive 2004-09-01

  • Phospholipids are amphipathic-their lipid tail is hydrophobic but their negatively charged phosphate group is hydrophilic-so phospholipid molecules spontaneously form sealed compartments in water.

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  • Moreover, a very recent analysis of the Frydman lab showed that polyQ aggregation kinetics is not solely a function of polyQ repeat length, but rather includes the critical contribution of the N-terminal 17 amino acid residues forming an amphipathic helix and promoting rapid Htt aggregation by direct modulation of Htt conformation

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  • Green pepper contains the plant ferredoxin-like amphipathic protein (Pflp) or hypersensitive response-assisting protein (Hrap) which are considered novel plant proteins that give crops enhanced resistance against deadly pathogens.


  • The Golgi localisation depends on a predicted amphipathic helix in the C-terminal domain of the protein, the αK-helix

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  • Synthetic αK amphipathic peptide mimics the localisation of endogenous Irgm1.

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  • The lysosomal localisation of Irgm1 is mediated by the same amphipathic helix that mediates Golgi targeting.

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