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  • n. A specialized vocabulary or set of idioms used by a particular group: thieves' argot. See Synonyms at dialect.

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  • n. A secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps and vagabonds.
  • n. The specialized informal vocabulary and terminology used between people with special skill in a field, such as between doctors, mathematicians or hackers; a jargon.

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  • n. A secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps, and vagabonds; flash.

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  • n. The conventional slang of a class, originally that of thieves and vagabonds, devised for purposes of disguise and concealment; cant; slang.

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  • n. a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)


(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From French argot (Wiktionary)


  • And by "the peg," in the argot, is meant the place where a free meal may be obtained.


  • Slim Gaillard's Vout dictionary: jazz hipster argot from the 30s

    Boing Boing

  • “You see?” he asked in pidgin argot; a tongue that owed something to Persian, Caerdicci and Hellene alike; zenyan, it was called, but I learned that later.

    Kushiel's Avatar

  • Good enough, but it misses the pun: "potted meat" was Dublin argot for sex.

    'Ulysses' in Chinese

  • Oh well, the stir, or the pen, as they call it in convict argot, is a training school for philosophy.

    Chapter 3

  • And by ` the peg, 'in the argot, is meant the place where a free meal may be obtained.

    The Peg

  • But as for "especially in popular fiction, the first criterion has to be readability",, of course that's true but to whom must it be readable; for example translating James Ellroy, or even Ken Bruen into, say, German must provide interesting problems in itself, and in such situations its at least as important for the translator to retain the rhythms and the 'argot' of the original.

    Meet the man behind crime fiction's most despicable character

  • It is really a sort of sublimated and apotheosized "argot," an "argot" of a kind of platonic archetypal drawing-room; such a drawing-room as has never existed perhaps, but to which all drawing-rooms or salons, if you will, of elegant conversation, perpetually approximate.

    Suspended Judgments Essays on Books and Sensations

  • The 'argot' to which you doubtless refer was the invention of certain of your literary


  • This 'argot' may help 'johns' and sex workers avoid legal sanctions and any social stigma associated with participating in the sex trade, the researchers said.



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  • Flora was learning how to translate the Starkadder argot. Cold Comfort Farm.

    February 23, 2013

  • "There were certain ways of referring to things in the gang Henry was a part of (and which Eddie, as his little brother, was also a part of); the argot of their miserable little ka-tet . From Wizard and Glass by Stephen King.

    January 10, 2011