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  • n. an outdoor fire, such as pyre, bonfire, signal fire, asf.

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  • n. A signal fire; an alarm fire.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A large fire in the open air; particularly, the fire of a funeral pile.
  • n. A beacon- or signal-fire.

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  • n. a large outdoor fire that is lighted as a signal or in celebration


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From Old English bœlfyr ("balefire, funeral or sacrificial fire"), related to bœl and fyr


  • But balefire is an odd thing, as is a contest such as this one.

    Suvudu Cage Match: How It REALLY Went Down

  • In addition to all of his other abilities and powers, he wields this thing called balefire, which can pretty much erase someone from existence.

    Suvudu Cage Match: Rand al'Thor vs. Jaime Lannister

  • What they need is a character even more Mary Suey than Rand who can just snatch the balefire out of the air and eat it or something.

    I Can Haz Better Stories Pls?

  • Good stuff, but unfortunately I still think Rand would just roll up and balefire everyone.

    I Can Haz Better Stories Pls?

  • I didn't want lemon slices in my iced tea!? was always balefire.

    I Can Haz Better Stories Pls?

  • But, as we learn like five books in the future, balefire destroys that thread in the fabric of time forever.

    I Can Haz Better Stories Pls?

  • Perhaps your entire universe is on a stedding, which would serve to nullify balefire and all of the other magic.

    Jaime's Challenge

  • Melisandre (She might know a thing or two about this balefire thingy)

    Jaime's Challenge

  • Well actually, none in Westeros would be able to match him even if you remove balefire as an option, which isn't fire in any sense at all by the way (Balefire is a ray of light which removes things from existence before they were eliminated). al'Thor is something of a demigod and would simply tear dragons from the skies, set Others ablaze and roast knights in their armours.

    Jaime's Challenge

  • (Would be a nice match for the balefire, don't you think?)

    Jaime's Challenge


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