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  • n. Any of various types of steamed bread used in Chinese cuisine
  • n. A mancala board game played in East Africa


From the Mandarin  (bāo) and Cantonese  (baau1) (Wiktionary)
From Swahili. (Wiktionary)


  • The first time the group convened, in March, everybody politely invoked the term bao xian.

    Life of the Party

  • “Shan you shan bao, e you e bao” pronounced shahn yoe shahn bao, uh yoe uh bao rhymes with now can be translated as good karma returns; bad karma also returns.

    Divine Transformation

  • “Jin dan zhi bao” pronounced jeen dahn jr bao rhymes with now means Jin Dan is the highest treasure.

    Tao II

  • “Nei san bao” pronounced nay sahn bao rhymes with now means three internal treasures.

    Tao II

  • “Xiu lian san bao” pronounced sheo lyen sahn bao rhymes with now means practice three treasures.

    Tao II

  • Pinglin itself produces a renowned blend called bao chung, and the best part of the museum is up the landscaped steps -- a woodsy tea pavilion where the fresh stuff is available in brew-it-yourself sets of tiny black pots and cups, strainers included.

    One Hour Out: Taipei

  • Ching-Long Liu for The Wall Street Journal After tofu, it's time for tea in Pinglin, which produces a renowned blend called bao chung.

    Days of Tea and (Stinky) Tofu

  • Steamed meat buns, called pow in Trinidad an adaptation of the Chinese term bao are a local favorite in Trinidad.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Here in Tanzania it's called 'bao' wood, original name, huh?

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Guests will be able to order the bao as well as Rabbit Roulade shiitake mushrooms, anise spiked orange, Benton's ham broth, Chinese long beans and frisée Feb. 3-12.

    Audarshia Townsend: Hop Along to These Haute Cuisine Spots


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