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  • interj. Represents the sound of a violent impact, such as a punch.
  • interj. Represents the sound of an explosion.
  • n. The sound of a violent impact.
  • n. The sound of an explosion.
  • n. Alternative form of poll.


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from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Variant forms.


  • It was evident these people had not forgot the Endeavour being on their coast; for the first words they spoke to us were, _Mataou no te pow pow_ (we are afraid of the guns).

    A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels — Volume 14

  • The insect came, filled himself full, and flew off replete; but somehow sleep would not come to either Ned or his uncle, and they were lying hot and weary longing for the repose, when they both started up, for from somewhere in the forest beyond the cottages came a deep-toned sound which can only be rendered by the word pow!

    The Rajah of Dah

  • This grand tradition extends to Brooklyn-via-Jersey siblings Edward and Jeff Nazareno, who perform under the moniker pow wow!

    Cool Hunting

  • What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our pow'r to accompt? —

    Fareed Zakaria, Stupid Motherfucker

  • Next morning, Brendan, who is nobody's fool, called a pow-wow in which he immediately suggested Ex-Coach or Tyson the Nude Mormon for Tribe leader.

    Tallulah Morehead: Survivor Tocantins: Sandy Wastes

  • BORGER: You know, if John McCain were to get the nomination, what he would do is call a pow-wow and personally meet with all of these conservatives to reassure them that he would appoint the kind of judges they want, that he's got an 80 percent voting record with the -- with conservatives, that he is actually a conservative.

    CNN Transcript Feb 3, 2008

  • BoingBoing reader Sameer says, Dhishoom is like saying 'Biff,' 'bang,' 'wham,' or 'pow' -- Also the most common soundtrack dub during Bollywood fistfight scenes.

    Boing Boing

  • This from a place called the pow (ph) ramp -- a 32-pound piece of foam, about a pound of which broke away, which had been considered susceptible but NASA decided not to remove it before the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

    CNN Transcript Jul 1, 2006

  • These are pieces of foam, designed to cover the brackets which connect those pipes and plumbing along the area where the so-called pow (ph) ramp was.

    CNN Transcript Jul 1, 2006

  • There you see it -- piece of foam coming off that so-called pow (ph) ramp, which has now been removed.

    CNN Transcript Jul 1, 2006


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  • Scots - head.

    John Anderson, my jo, John,

    When we were first acquent,

    Your locks were like the raven,

    Your bonnie brow was brent;

    But now your brow is beld, John,

    Your locks are like the snow;

    But blessings on your frosty pow,

    John Anderson, my jo.

    - R. Burns, 'John Anderson'.

    August 11, 2008