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  • verb Present participle of bare.


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  • Designer Mouret creator of the Galaxy Dress and high profile walker-outer from the label baring his name (Sorry Roland this is your CV!) has turned up joined at the hip with pop ...


  • Heh heh heh, and then he said, “Michelle is one tough lady, she believes in baring arms.”

    Beat 360° 10/1/09

  • Here Waldman is equally fearless in baring her own warts, from her manic depression to her brutally frank redubbing of a support group she joined after the anguished termination of a pregnancy (no gauzy pro-choice language for her) “The Dead Baby Club.”

    On Being a Bad Mother

  • They begin baring their souls to each other and soon made love.

    Trusting Ryan-Tara Taylor Quinn « The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

  • So, with that in mind, I think sole-baring is more personal for me.

    Baring it All

  • Von NotHaus who served 25 years as the mintmaster for the Royal Hawaiian Mint told reporters "they [the Feds] took everything, all of the computers, everything but the desks and chairs," Busting into the Sunshine Mint in Coer D'Alene, Idaho, the company that manufactures Norfed's coins, the FBI made off with huge pallets of silver and gold coins baring images of Ron Paul that were worth more than one million 'Fed dollars.'

    Worried Feds Likely To Arrest Mickey Mouse For Dollar Impersonation

  • I do recall the baring of breasts in the interest of peace over the years.

    they're sweat glands, grow up

  • A statement which a Jewish BNP supporter described as baring for all to see the hatred for Jews and Israel on the Palestinian supporting far left. : Spoof News : Front Page

  • In the UK, we are still slightly discomfited by the idea of baring all in a confessional essay, partly, one presumes, because we are restrained by a sort of cultural prudishness, but also because we do not wish to appear self-indulgent.

    Books news, reviews and author interviews |

  • But most companies are deeply uncomfortable with the notion of baring all to such a wide public.

    The Economist: Correspondent's diary


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