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  • adj. Devoid of concern or sympathy.

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  • adj. Characterized by a lack of care; not caring.

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  • adj. lacking affection or warm feeling
  • adj. without care or thought for others


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  • However, the clarity with which we label uncaring and unacceptable behavior gives every student a clear chance to judge the perpetrators and decide whether to try to join the in-crowd, ignore them or stand up for the students who are targeted ..

    Blogger News Network

  • I've been disappointed with the play, but really felt the problems came from GM Bill Bavasi's inability or just plain uncaring for the fans or the players.

    My SafeCo Field boycott is over

  • I must admit, though, that being called uncaring by folks who want to throw someone elseTobyQuote

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Fannie Mae Health Care”:

  • I must admit, though, that being called uncaring by folks who want to throw someone elsepluribusQuote

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Fannie Mae Health Care”:

  • They will use Blunkett to bash the so called uncaring Tories, lets have a look at the caring socialism of New Labour re looking after the elderly as put forward by Blunkett:

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • And that is fairly remarkable for a generation that is often been described as uncaring about the past.

    CNN Transcript May 23, 2001

  • In other words, the sustainable food movement is characterized as uncaring and elitist. - News

  • "This is a first - commenting as one of the so called uncaring management people - I have to say I …" - News

  • Like I said before, it's difficult for most people to stick to that because most voters are too prone seduction by short-sighted rhetoric about how this or that "tweaking" or deal will "make the market work better" or some such nonsense, while a dedicated free marketer in politics will be called uncaring for not wanting to do something like, oh, cut a deal with a millionaire to get a two-stadium deal.


  • Whenever a proposal is advanced to expand government oversight over activities such as child rearing, education and health care - and this includes subjects like euthanasia or family abuse - those who want to leave major choices to individuals or families, despite the fact they may sometimes or often do the wrong thing are described as uncaring, and

    Belmont Club


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