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  • n. See basketry.

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  • n. Material woven in the style of a basket.
  • n. The craft of making such material.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

basket +‎ work


  • Handwritten signs lead to homes selling hand-crafted baskets and simple pottery; the local basketwork is particularly fine.

    Part one - La Paz and El Triunfo: from beaches and baskets to mines, music and marine park

  • A dozen or more canoes were beached along the mud flats; some of them dug-out trees, others of a kind of basketwork covered in skins.

    The Complete Stories

  • The little lug on its left side is made to look like basketwork, which makes me think the shape of the whole vessel might imitate a wicker or maybe leather container.

    Gopnik's Daily Pic: Cambodian Bronze

  • Its crisp, clear surface has been sandblasted with the fine patterns of traditional basketwork, making it look almost as though Feddersen had cast an actual basket in frosted glass.

    New 'Vantage Point' show at American Indian museum shows off symbolic power

  • Neither did they have any ceramic or pottery vessels, relying instead on items made from stone or basketwork.

    Loreto and San Javier: From Sun, Sand and Snorkeling to Museums, Missions and Mountains.

  • Skill and effort in the basketwork and writing, though - just a truly alarming lack of judgement in the face department.

    It Came From the Baby Shower...

  • A wigwam of driftwood spars lashed to the central totem pole was encircled by a pattern of grey sticks laid out like basketwork and punctuated by such objects as the flip-flop sandals and trainers that seem perpetually to ride the waves, Coke cans, garish cork or plastic lobster-pot buoys and the armoured white carapaces of spider crabs that abound on this beach.


  • I prop a ladder against one side, lay two scaffold boards along the basketwork of the roof and rope them down.


  • They even buy bolts of them to stand in the church aisle at weddings, but the growers now sell more to individual women making basketwork as a hobby than to wholesalers or manufacturers.


  • I drove them in with the beetle and gently wrestled the pleachers into the twiggy basketwork.



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