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  • n. Something that laces; a lace.
  • n. A touch of liquor added to a beverage or food.
  • n. Informal A beating or thrashing.

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  • v. Present participle of lace.
  • n. That with which something is laced.
  • n. The tied laces that form a netlike pattern.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The act of securing, fastening, or tightening, with a lace or laces.
  • n. A lace
  • n. A rope or line passing through eyelet holes in the edge of a sail or an awning to attach it to a yard, gaff, etc.
  • n. A system of bracing bars, not crossing each other in the middle, connecting the channel bars of a compound strut.
  • n. A quantity of a substance, such as an alcoholic liquor, added to a food or a drink.
  • n. A beating, especially with a lash.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of binding or fastening with a cord or thong passed backward and forward through holes or around buttons or hooks.
  • n. A method of fastening the adjoining ends of a belt by the use of a thong or lace.
  • n. In bookbinding, the fastening of the boards of a book to its back by cords which pass around the sewed threads of the signatures and through holes pierced in the boards.
  • n. A cord used in drawing tight or fastening; laces in general.
  • n. Nautical, the cord or rope used to lace a sail to a gaff, yard, or boom, or to fasten two parts of a sail or an awning together.
  • n. In ship-building, a piece of compass- or knee-timber fitted and bolted to the back of the figurehead and to its supporting piece, called the knee of the head. Also called lace-piece.
  • n. In mining, same as lagging, 3.
  • n. In the plumage of birds, especially in descriptions of standard or pure-bred poultry:
  • n. A border or edging of a different color from the center, completely surrounding the web of a feather
  • n. The coloration of plumage resulting from feathers marked as above, considered collectively.
  • n. In mathematics, a complex of three or more closed bands, so that no two are interlinked, yet so that they cannot be separated without breaking.
  • n. In structural work, particularly bridge work, the system of slender, diagonal members which connect the two opposite parallel members or flanges of a structural iron or steel beam, column, or strut. In lacing the several members form a single, continuous zigzag line, but do not cross one another as in latticing.

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  • n. a cord that is drawn through eyelets or around hooks in order to draw together two edges (as of a shoe or garment)
  • n. the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows
  • n. a small amount of liquor added to a food or beverage


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  • The New Meadowlands Stadium fans already have booed the 23-year-old, and cameras caught Mr. Coughlin lacing into Mr. Dodge last Sunday after his free kick — following a safety — barely went 50 yards.

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  • On Tuesday, VIBE caught up with the Tampa-based production trio-collectively, Rook, Kenny and Colione, who've made their name lacing Ross, Mary J.

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  • Mr. McNeill recalls lacing up a brand new pair of sneakers for a 100-mile race in 2004.

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  • Beer lovers even value the ability of the foam to cling to the glass as the liquid level drops, a quality known as lacing or, in more impressive German, Schaumhaftvermögen.

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  • Fashionable habits of dress -- tight lacing, which is worse to-day than ever before -- has, to a large extent, destroyed the ability of the New England and other native American women to bear healthy and well-developed children, and to properly nurse them after they are born.

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  • The lacing is a robust 20/24 combination, which allows the wheels to have a high 200 pound weight limit. | Attitude is Everything

  • Each time some company has managed to bring Bullseye back and give him genetic enhancements such as lacing his bones with adamantium and healing his injuries.

    Dart Adams presents My Favorite Comic Book Villains (Marvel Edition)

  • There is quite a fashion phenomenon going on for the ladies: faded, low cut jeans decorated with leather lacing, brown colored blouse with the same kind of lacing, open midriff and long flowing sleeves that look like wings.

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  • Round this there cluster -- or, rather, in this necessarily abide -- the subsidiary arts of managing the various parts of the story, of constructing characters sufficient to carry it on, of varnishing it with description, and to some extent, though naturally to a lesser one than if it had been fiction pure and simple, "lacing" it, in both senses of the word, with dialogue.

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  • These three clever print ads depict how simple tasks-such as lacing your shoes and putting on a shirt-can turn into a complex ordeal without a cup of java.

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