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  • adj. Of, relating to, caused by, or affecting life or living organisms: biological processes such as growth and digestion.
  • adj. Having to do with biology.
  • adj. Related by blood or genetic lineage: the child's biological parents; his biological sister.
  • n. A preparation, such as a drug, a vaccine, or an antitoxin, that is synthesized from living organisms or their products and used medically as a diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic agent.

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  • adj. Of or relating to biology.
  • adj. Related by consanguinity, especially as to parents and children.

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  • Pertaining to biology or the science of life.
  • In zoology, illustrating the whole life-history of a group or species of animals: as, a biological collection of insects.
  • Regarded from the point of view of biology and natural selection exclusively, as opposed to sociological, which implies that other considerations are taken into account.

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  • adj. pertaining to biology or to life and living things
  • adj. of parents and children; related by blood


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  • Normative teleosemantics can be construed as making a similar move: Here, it is those dispositions realizing the biological function of the mechanism of using an expression that determine meaning (where ˜biological function™ is taken to be something normative; cf. Millikan 1990,

    The Normativity of Meaning and Content

  • Use the term biological parents to refer to the nonadoptive parents.

    Essential Guide to Business Style and Usage

  • When you hear the term biological clock, you probably think of women, because women are often the ones who need to worry about the impact of age on pregnancy.

    CNN Transcript May 25, 2009

  • When you hear the term biological clock, most of the time you think of women but we'll tell you why older dads may need to pay attention, too.

    CNN Transcript May 25, 2009

  • Al-Libi stated that he "knew nothing about a biological program and did not even understand the term biological".


  • According to al-Libi, "he continued to be unable to come up with a lie about biological weapons" because he did not understand the term biological weapons.


  • ‡ Although the term biological clock refers to all innate timing mechanisms, it is often used when describing certain body functions that are subject to this rhythm, such as the loss of fertility with age.

    biological clock

  • They were married six years ago at the Mission Inn in Riverside, where California entomologist Harry Scott Smith coined the term "biological control" in 1919.

    News -

  • Many also use the term biological evolution to refer to the [[common descent]] of living organisms from shared ancestors as put forth by [[Darwinism]].

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • Many also use the term biological evolution to refer to the

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]


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