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  • adjective Mathematics Having two variables.

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  • adjective mathematics Having or involving exactly two variables
  • noun mathematics A polynomial or function with exactly two variables

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  • adjective having two variables


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  • Further, they are not able to perform advanced analyses, such as bivariate diagnostic test meta-analyses, because they cannot maximize difficult likelihood functions, and they cannot be readily extended to include additional analytic options.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • Table 15.1 represents only the bivariate relationship between “true believer” and various other traits.

    American Grace

  • If you just fit a simple bivariate model using CO2 and global average temperature, you would not be particularly confident that you had found a stable, well-fitting relationship.

    What Kind of Global Warming Skeptic?, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • If it's a bivariate regression of mental health vs. those various other measures, that's essentially the same as a correlation and those are reported in the paper in the first table.

    Role Player Study released

  • A bivariate regression of mental health vs. other measures isn't quite the same as a correlation for binary variables, I think, but I was more interested in a multiple regression which is not the same as a correlation.

    Role Player Study released

  • It's not often I actually get excited by bivariate scatter plots, linear regression equations, and correlation coefficients, but the Archaeopteryx note is quite good, basically Bennett's defence of his interpretation of the nine known specimens of the taxon as a single "species," following from an awareness of interspecific variation resulting from ontogeny and, also, concerns about parsimony.

    As Kyle passes by.

  • If Gartzke had done two bivariate regressions on his MID data, one with economic freedom and other with democracy as the independent variables, he surely would have found democracy highly significant.

    Multicollinearity and Micronumerosity, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • When energy is measured in thermal equivalents, research predominantly finds that either there is no relation between energy and GDP or that the relation runs from GDP to energy in both bivariate and multivariate models.

    Energy quality

  • In statistics h+l/2 is known as “median of bivariate two variations or two proportions data”.

    Unthreaded #15 « Climate Audit

  • Another article is a learned dissertation of the connection between stepwise regression and multiple regression in a bivariate case.

    Royal Society and Detection/Attribution « Climate Audit


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