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  • adj. Having or involving a single variable
  • n. A polynomial or function with only one variable


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  • The simplest form of survey analysis deploys a procedure called univariate Learn how to Develop and Effective Job Hazard Analysis using a new technique. job safety analysis example jsa job safety analysis booklet job safety analysis software job safety analysis osha job safety analysis templates job safety analysis library ccohs job safety analysis made simple job safety analysis free job safety analysis training chinese medical job safety analysis free job safety analysis template downloads


  • From these univariate functions, we can build up multidimensional functions using the tensor products.

    Wolfram Blog : Splines Come to Mathematica

  • B-spline curves can be formulated as a linear summation of points and univariate basis functions.

    Wolfram Blog : Splines Come to Mathematica

  • For instance, a basis function in 2D can be defined by multiplying two univariate functions.

    Wolfram Blog : Splines Come to Mathematica

  • MZ correlations were approximately twice as large as DZ correlations for all four humor styles, and univariate behavioral genetic model fitting indicated that individual differences in all of them can be accounted for entirely by genetic and nonshared environmental factors, with heritabilities ranging from .34 to .49.

    Humor and Dreaming

  • By that point, we had people publishing papers pointing out that the data could not distinguish between an economy obeying a 200-equation macro model and one obeying a univariate random walk.

    Climate Science, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • There can be very large differences in mental health across siblings, and that to me suggests that a univariate explanation of mental health as being determined by social class will not work.

    Class Once More, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Finally, if the tree growth response is shown to be all the things the dendros agree it probably is (nonlinear, multifactor, synergistic), this is going to limit the usefulness (and use) of the linear, univariate calibriation method.

    Unthreaded #10 « Climate Audit

  • The question is one of degree: to what extent are climate reconstructions compromised by the use of linear univariate response models?

    Woodhouse's Temperature Proxies!!! « Climate Audit

  • The properties of these time series differ somewhat from the time series generated by a univariate model of the MBH North American PC1.

    Bürger Review « Climate Audit


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