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  • n. A wild cat (Lynx rufus) of North America, having spotted reddish-brown fur, tufted ears, and a short tail. Also called bay lynx.

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  • n. A North American wild cat, Lynx rufus, having tufted ears and a short tail
  • n. a multi-purpose construction vehicle that is a akin to a smaller version of a front-end loader or a backhoe (backhoe loader), with a one-man caged control cabin

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  • n. small lynx (Lynx rufus) of North America.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A popular name for the bay lynx, Lynx rufus, and its various subspecies, all of which have short tails.

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  • n. small lynx of North America


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

bob(tail) + cat.

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Genericization of the trademark Bobcat


  • Yes | No | Report from bennett2009 wrote 1 year 3 days ago the power of the bobcat is amazing it just took down a mule deer that was 3 or 4 times it's size and the mule deer didn't even have a fighting chance

    Bobcat Takes Down Mule Deer

  • As a scientific classification, a "bobcat" is a species of the "lynx" genus.

    Bobcat Takes Down Mule Deer

  • Obviously people can't tell a bobcat from a lynx because that's definitely a bobcat.

    Bobcat Takes Down Mule Deer

  • I peeked around the large white pine i was leaning against and a bobcat was about 7 feet away mid-step.

    Hello Kitty: Bobcat Takes Down Deer

  • My friend Bernie says Dick and Rummy's big plan to take over the world by waging continuous war is kinda like baptizing a bobcat -- ain't gonna happen.

    Bobcats in Brave, New World

  • Whichever one they picked up first was always called the bobcat, based upon the short tail and tufted ears.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • Some neighbors say the bobcat was a pet, which is really nothing when compared to Ming the 400-pound tiger, who was found in living in a Harlem apartment back in 2003, alongside a caiman alligator.


  • May the bobcat is the resident star of Reed Bingham State Park in South Georgia. - News

  • Worm-Eating Warbler, and roaming mammals such as bobcat and river otter.

    The Nature Conservancy

  • The large truck holding the crane toppled onto its side in the street while trying to lift a smaller "bobcat" style piece of equipment into the condominium construction site. - Home Page


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