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  • v. To come away (from a place); to leave.
  • v. To become detached.
  • v. To have some success, to succeed.
  • v. To have an orgasm.
  • v. To appear; to seem; to project a certain quality.

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  • v. happen in a particular manner
  • v. break off (a piece from a whole)
  • v. come to be detached


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  • “I do not believe that eastings exist,” said Will Connelly to Stephen Donovan, who had come off watch and gone to the rail to see if he could find a fish for his dinner.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Aldrin reported that DOI had come off extremely well, and that it had put Eagle into almost the exact, predetermined perilune from which it was to start its final, powered descent.

    First Man

  • Satisfying herself that I had come off unscathed she smiled quietly, and, taking my hand, started toward the door of the chamber.

    A Princess of Mars

  • Deborah asked, hands on her hips in her Sunday go-to-meeting outfit that was ready to come off at any time.

    A Love So Deep

  • Whether it was shooting hoops against Amarillo Slim in a $500-a-shot game of H-O-R-S-E or betting a grand on whose suitcase would come off the conveyor belt first at the airport baggage claim, Stuey was always in search of a new challenge, a new kick.

    One of a Kind

  • But me, I want to perfect my tone and my ability to make fluid transitions when, for instance, I come off a high note to a do-wa-wa or roll from one octave to another.

    A Love So Deep

  • She did not want to come off like a tattling kid, literally running to Daddy.


  • For Apollo 11 to become the first lunar landing mission not only would Apollo 8 need to complete its bold around-the-Moon flight successfully, but Apollo 9 and Apollo 10 would also have to come off without a hitch.

    First Man

  • He had gone into the mess hall when he had come off shift the night before, figuring to do a little reading over a synthale before going to bed.

    Miracle Workers

  • That is the art of weaving, bobbing, twisting, and turning to avoid enemy gunfire as you come off the dive-bomb run.

    Thud Ridge


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