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  • v. To survive, to endure.
  • v. To succeed.
  • v. Not to let somebody down, keep one's promise.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • v. attain success or reach a desired goal
  • v. succeed in reaching a real or abstract destination after overcoming problems
  • v. continue in existence after (an adversity, etc.)
  • v. penetrate


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  • Most GulfShore borrowers come through referrals from people who know someone at the bank or previously worked with Mr. Caballero or his staff.

    In Florida, Banking's Survivors Are Lending

  • I continued to laugh while someone else—I believe it was Mranol—explained that the shii had come through and killed fifteen more people.

    Miracle Workers

  • Sometimes the bigger boys would come through unasked -- perhaps in search of a game of lawn-tennis with Miss Wortle, perhaps to ask some favour of Mrs Wortle, who always was delighted to welcome them, perhaps even to seek the Doctor himself, who never on such occasions would ask how it came to pass that they were on that side of the wall.

    Dr. Wortle's School

  • The reason for Steuart's delay, Sandie Pendleton reported indignantly, was that the cavalryman showed himself a stickler: He was under Ewell; orders to him must come through the division commander; regulations were regulations, channels were channels.


  • On the other hand, I realized that because I now had editorial control of any B-roll footage related to the research, I had the potential to protect any information that might come through related to Princess Diana.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Now that Papa was noted for making everything he touched turn to gold, Aunt Ellsbeth liked to tell him acidly that soon his head would be too large to come through the double front doors.

    My Sweet Audrina

  • This conversation having been opened, was naturally prolonged by the relation of incidents which had come through various sources to Mrs. Rawdon's ears, all of them indicating an almost incredible system of petty tyranny and cruel contradiction.

    The Man Between: An International Romance

  • Say what you will about the River Heights PD—they always come through in the end.


  • Briskly that morning Ewell had come through Swift Run Gap and placed his 8,000 men in the camps Jackson evacuated.


  • I hope one day you can come through the doors of Slimmons and let me motivate you.

    CSS: Shaping the New You


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