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  • noun A body of companions or attendants; an escort; specifically, in Roman and medieval times, a body of noble youth or comites about the person of a prince or chieftain.
  • noun In old English law, a county or shire.

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  • noun a group of warriors or nobles accompanying a king or other leader


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Latin comitatus, from comes ("companion").



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  • "This trail was blazed back in the century's teens by a knickerbockered and tweed-capped comitatus from Yale, carrying on a tradition from Raphael Pumpelly and Percy Wallace and Steel MacKaye, from Thoreau and Burroughs: a journey with no purpose but to be in the wilderness, to be in its silence, to be together deep among its trees and valleys and heights." "Fifty-seven Views of Fujiyama" by Guy Davenport

    January 19, 2010