from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • noun One that creeps.
  • noun Botany A plant that spreads by means of stems that creep.
  • noun A grappling device for dragging bodies of water, such as lakes or rivers.
  • noun A one-piece fitted garment for an infant.
  • noun A metal frame with a spike or spikes, attached to a shoe or boot to prevent slipping, especially on ice.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun plural Small andirons or fire-dogs placed between large ones.
  • noun The sandworm, Nereis virens.
  • noun One who or that which creeps.
  • noun One who cringes; a sycophant.
  • noun In botany, a plant which grows upon or just beneath the surface of the ground, or upon any other surface, sending out rootlets from the stem, as ivy and couch-grass, the common Virginia creeper (Ampelopsis quinquefolia), and the trumpet-creeper (Tecoma radicans). See cut under Bignoniaceæ.
  • noun In ornithology, a term applied to very many birds, mostly of small size and with slender bill, which creep, climb, or scramble about in trees and bushes.
  • noun A specimen of a breed of the domestic fowl with legs so short that they walk slowly and with difficulty, and do not scratch like common fowls.
  • noun A name of various mechanical devices and utensils.
  • noun A low patten worn by women.
  • noun plural Same as creep, 3.
  • noun Same as creepie.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun One who, or that which, creeps; any creeping thing.
  • noun (Bot.) A plant that clings by rootlets, or by tendrils, to the ground, or to trees, etc..
  • noun (Zoöl.) A small bird of the genus Certhia, allied to the wrens. The brown or common European creeper is Certhia familiaris, a variety of which (var. Americana) inhabits America; -- called also tree creeper and creeptree. The American black and white creeper is Mniotilta varia.
  • noun A kind of patten mounted on short pieces of iron instead of rings; also, a fixture with iron points worn on a shoe to prevent one from slipping.
  • noun A spurlike device strapped to the boot, which enables one to climb a tree or pole; -- called often telegraph creepers.
  • noun A small, low iron, or dog, between the andirons.
  • noun An instrument with iron hooks or claws for dragging at the bottom of a well, or any other body of water, and bringing up what may lie there.
  • noun Any device for causing material to move steadily from one part of a machine to another, as an apron in a carding machine, or an inner spiral in a grain screen.
  • noun (Arch.) Crockets. See Crocket.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun A person or a thing who crawls or creeps along the ground.
  • noun Often in plural, a one-piece garment for infants designed to facilitate access to the wearer's diaper.
  • noun A device which allows a small child to safely roam around a room from a seated or standing position.
  • noun A metal plate with spikes, designed to be worn with shoes to prevent slipping.
  • noun botany Any plant (as ivy or periwinkle) that grows by creeping; especially a climbing plant of the genus Parthenocissus.
  • noun A treecreeper.
  • noun nautical A small, four-hooked grapnel used to recover objects dropped onto the sea bed.
  • noun The lowest gear of a tractor or truck, also creeper gear, creeper shift.
  • noun A low-profile, wheeled platform whereupon an auto mechanic may lie on their back and gain better access to the underbody of a vehicle.
  • noun slang A person who creeps people out; a creepy person.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • noun a person who crawls or creeps along the ground
  • noun any of various small insectivorous birds of the northern hemisphere that climb up a tree trunk supporting themselves on stiff tail feathers and their feet
  • noun any plant (as ivy or periwinkle) that grows by creeping


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  • Also a slang term for 'urban explorer'.

    March 11, 2008

  • Also slang for a creepy person.

    "Stop being such a creeper."

    November 5, 2008