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  • adj. causing mental trouble or anguish; upsetting; making uneasy
  • v. Present participle of disquiet.

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  • adj. causing mental discomfort


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  • What makes these strange smiles of Spitzer's so disquieting is the realization that they're glimpses of Irwin -- Spitzer's raging inner prosecutor -- taking fiendish pleasure in having chopped down another case of hubris.

    Why is Eliot Spitzer on TV? Because disgrace doesn't stick like it used to.

  • Intensive learning, or taking on a brand new skill are often arduous experiences because they require us to give up a measure of our belonging and to exist in disquieting limbo while we master the skill or discipline in question.

    Learning From Stories « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Perhaps even more disquieting is some evidence just now being published that suggests that the holding of a good job at a good salary is correlated much more with academic credentials than with ability and performance.

    Higher Education in Ontario: Who Goes? Who Benefits? Why Pays?

  • Amid a great deal of confusion and a great deal of debate and discussion this new baby is born under certain disquieting circumstances but we will have two Provinces more.

    The Evolution of Canadian Sentiment

  • Reports on state of sugar industry 'disquieting' -

    Stabroek News

  • Nobel Prize–winning physiologist, Charles Richet, a nonbeliever in postmortem survival, said this about deathbed visions: “Among all the facts adduced to prove survival, these seem to me to be the most disquieting, that is, from a materialistic point of view.”

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • And the clever clerk -- with the two brothers in the bazaar -- had unearthed quite a bit of disquieting news about that reception -- disquieting, that is, to one with secret fears.

    The Fortieth Door

  • At the center of the museum, the Hall of Witness, near where the assailant shot his victim, is framed by angular steel trusses, brick walls and a fissure in the floor to recall the disquieting, industrial architecture of concentration camps.

    Front Page - The Washington Times

  • Conservatives like Ed Meese have also argued that having the case in San Francisco is "disquieting" and that many of Judge Vaughn Walker's pretrial decisions have been favorable to the plaintiffs.

    ‘David and Goliath’

  • One important element I had not noticed, that Morrison pointed out, was the fact that the entire thing emulates Tom & Jerry, in that whenever we focus on the animals, the humans become HUGE – literally too big for the panel – allowing Quitely to focus on their more grotesque features, such as disquieting grins or pudgy fingers.

    On the Next Major Spoilers Podcast: WE3 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News


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  • Noisy burglars are the pits.

    August 22, 2011

  • My adjectival use: 'Having burglars is a disquieting experience.'

    August 22, 2011