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  • adj. Produced or growing from within.
  • adj. Originating or produced within an organism, tissue, or cell: endogenous secretions.

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  • adj. produced, originating or growing from within
  • adj. of a disease, caused by factors within the body

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  • adj. Increasing by internal growth and elongation at the summit, instead of externally, and having no distinction of pith, wood, and bark, as the rattan, the palm, the cornstalk.
  • adj. Originating from within; increasing by internal growth.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In bot.: Of or pertaining to the class of endogens; growing or proceeding from within: as, endogenous trees or plants; endogenous growth.
  • Originating within; internal; specifically, formed within another body, as spores within a sporangium.
  • In anat.: Same as autogenous.
  • Inclosed in a common cavity of the matrix, as cartilage-cells.
  • In geology, formed within a mass of rock or even within the earth itself: especially employed to describe the effects, in contact-metamorphism, produced in the intrusive rock itself, as distinguished from those in the walls.

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  • adj. of or resembling an endogen
  • adj. derived or originating internally


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endo- + -genous


  • And as I said, thank goodness it was time-limited, but it made me realize that there are people who are suffering with what we call endogenous depression.

    PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness is Corrupting Medicine

  • Note: for more info on these chunks of viruses in DNA, google the phrase endogenous retroviruses.

    Quote of the day | RELIGION Blog |

  • If the seller's position is large relative to the market, this is called endogenous liquidity risk a feature of the seller.

  • Law, rather than being determined or imposed apart from or outside of the factors one is studying, is often "endogenous" -- meaning loosely that law is often both cause and effect.

    Business, Law, Economics & Society

  • This so-called endogenous depression was a crippling type of psychosis believed to be caused by a genetic abnormality.

    Crazy Like Us

  • How this happens is the subject of a branch of economics called endogenous growth theory.

    The Nature of Technology

  • It's called the endogenous growth theory, designed to give the appearance of prosperity in the short term to enable Brown to get into No. 10, but an economy fuelled by record levels of debt, and public spending is unsustainable and will burst before very much longer.

    It's All Very Taxing...

  • The other class is called endogenous, and increases by layers applied to the inside; and when the hollow there is full, the growth is stopped — the tree must die.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

  • "An analysis of the published version of the model reveals that it has a bias towards being capacity-endogenous, that is, it sees the economy as being relatively unconstrained."

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • The terms endogenous and reactive have no etiologic implications.

    The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry


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