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  • n. Plural form of enlistee.


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  • Thus, the average IQ of enlistees is above the national average.

    Matthew Yglesias » You And What Recruiting Pool?

  • Every year, the military discharges more than 1,200 first-term enlistees before their contracts are up because of weight problems.

    Facing unfit recruits, military leaders target food in schools

  • Barry's revolutionary exercise strategy, combined with his patented, raspy drill-sergeant tactics and fun atmosphere, creates a unique and irresistible workout environment that inspires and motivates "enlistees" to push harder and get into great shape fast.

    Wil's Ebay E-Store

  • Cooper is advising friends and other interested enlistees to be cautious when discussing their sexuality with military recruiters because of the law's uncertain future.

    Appeals court grants stay of 'don't ask' injunction

  • "Subsidiaries," "factions" or "chapters" in different states or countries can work at cross-purposes with one another, create confusion about mission that can frustrate or drive away members and/or potential enlistees, duplicate efforts and suffer from lack of scale (in fundraising, for instance).

    On Leadership: Tea party - No leader, no problem?

  • While 60% of 18-24 year-olds with a high school degree are white and 17% are black, 64% of new enlistees are white and 19% are black.

    The Truth About Who Fights for Us

  • But it seems to me the danger is by pushing too hard and too fast, really forcing a reaction among the middle of the military and especially the people who are toughest on this are the parents of potential enlistees.

    Week In Politics: Midterms, 'Don't Ask'

  • He taught Jewish settlers and Haganah enlistees to go out from their previous closed-in and defensive-like stockade enclosures, fearlessly at night like their enemies, to often blindly track the land with nothing but a compass, a flashlight, and a topographical map to hunt and ambush marauders and terrorists.

    Robert Eisenman: Who Killed Orde Wingate?

  • The Army did not take enlistees under the age of 17 and still does not.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Though enlistees sign many of their rights away, agreeing to serve in the armed forces in our democratic nation does not mean it's open season on them for whatever experiments the military brass might get a notion to conduct.

    Jay Stanley: Combat in Our Genes?


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