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  • n. Any of several processes in which a solid or liquid is put into motion by a fluid.
  • n. The alignment of an organism's circadian rhythm to that of an external rhythm in its environment

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  • n. The act of entraining; specifically, the catching up and conveying away by live steam of minute drops of water from a boiler or of particles of sugar from an evaporating-pan or other vessel from which steam is exhausted.


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  • One possible reason for the similarities of sound patterns throughout the universe may be due to the principle called entrainment, the ability of one vibration to affect another.

    Meditation as Medicine

  • The brain's synchronization process is called entrainment, and it is exactly what the brain machines aim to produce.

    Interesting Thing of the Day

  • It's called entrainment - and it is revolutionizing the lives of countless people across the planet today.


  • By a process called entrainment, it can reliably put you into a calming meditative state without effort on your part. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • Now before you leave the casino take one more look around at all the creatures%u2019 faces, their actions, while enjoying this so-called entrainment venue and maybe then you will see how foolish Gov Rendell, and the rest of you sound when saying, casinos don%u2019t % u2018breed%u2019 our loved ones into casino gambling junkies.


  • The trance session parts of the hypnocasts are intended to be listened to in stereo usually with headphones as each ear has a different frequency being played into it in the background which theoretically aids what is known as an "entrainment" effect that helps to lead a person into deeper trance.

    Hypnocast . . . audio weirdness

  • Once "entrainment" occurs, he said, the oil would be pulled quickly south along Florida's

    Breaking News - The Post Chronicle

  • The shortcut may be setting yourself up for a trance by entrainment with a metronome-like pitter-patter of a tom-tom drum.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • “All kinds of violent confrontations have the same basic tension … called non-solidarity entrainment.”


  • In this way, circumcision functions as a primary and potent entrainment for group bonding.

    Miriam Pollack: Circumcision: Identity, Gender And Power


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  • Dangerously the summer burned

    (I had joined the entrainments of the wind).

    The shadows of boulders lengthened my back:

    In the bronze gongs of my cheeks

    The rain dried without odour.

    — Hart Crane, "Passage"

    April 20, 2008