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  • adj. Occurring or existing outside of the physical world or universe.

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  • adj. Beyond mundane, beyond ordinary.
  • adj. Extraterrestrial; occurring or originating outside of the Earth.

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  • adj. Beyond the material world.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Being beyond the limit of the world; pertaining to a region not included in our world, in any world, or in the material universe.


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extra- +‎ mundane


  • The answer seems to be, much of what makes for a nourishing existence: wide networks of kinship, respectful relations with nature, and a functional sense of the extramundane.

    Eamon Murphy: Theater Review: Jerusalem

  • He gradually prevailed over his antagonists, and his system recovered its former station; the scandal of mathematics disappeared, and the quackery of the square of the velocity was dismissed at last to the extramundane spaces, to the limbo of vanity, together with the monads which Leibnitz supposed to constitute the concentric mirror of nature, and also with his elaborate and fanciful system of

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • It was the watering hole of a fair number of occultists and sensitives-psis like Di, who had mundane jobs and mundane lives, and extramundane interests.

    Children Of The Night

  • Spinozism, the immanence of Deity in creation, -- a principle as dear to the philosophic mind as that of the extramundane Divinity is to the theologian.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858

  • The philosophic theologian and the Christianizing philosopher will rejoice to find in this proposition a point of reconciliation between the extramundane God of pure theism and the cardinal principle of

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858

  • I was packin 'a couple of black eyes, the particulars of which is extramundane to this case, an' the barkeep, defendant here's alleged brother, asked certain pertinent an 'unmitigated questions concernin' the aforesaid black eyes.

    Prairie Flowers

  • The opposition of the materialists is absolutely intelligent since it is clear that any man who has spent his life in saying "No" to all extramundane forces is, indeed, in a pitiable position when, after many years, he has to recognise that his whole philosophy is built upon sand and that "Yes" was the answer from the beginning.

    The Vital Message

  • He deals too much with shadowy and incomprehensible beings, and is too constantly rapt into an extramundane Elysium, to command a lasting interest with ordinary mortals -- and must employ the agency of more varied and coarser emotions, if he wishes to take rank with the seducing poets of this or of former generations.

    Famous Reviews

  • But however much his eye seemed always fixed on things earthly, and on the understanding and utilization of them -- yet, as a man of exceptional gifts, he could in no wise dispense with the extramundane and the supersensual.

    The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 02 Masterpieces of German Literature Translated into English. in Twenty Volumes

  • Such a representation, if it diminishes the grandeur of the universe accessible to sense, exalts that of the supersensual and extramundane regions where the action takes its birth, and where Milton's gigantic imagination is most perfectly at home.

    Life of John Milton


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