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  • adj. Originating, or located outside of a planet
  • adj. extraterrestrial, originating or located outside Earth

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  • Same as ultra-planetary.


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extra- +‎ planetary


  • In 1979, Carnegie Mellon University anointed the term with academic authority by founding its now-renowned Robotics Institute, which specializes in what the institute calls “thinking robots,” from the miniature to the medical and beyond, to the extraplanetary.

    The English Is Coming!

  • With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union, an astronaut from Russia or Japan would be as likely as one from the United States to board the International Space Station—where extraplanetary work still goes on, in English.

    The English Is Coming!

  • The only other movie to do that more graphically is "Wall•E," with its extraplanetary leisure world of grotesque waddlers.

    'Incendies' Burns With Mystery, Truth

  • But on Wednesday, Newt "grandiose is my middle name" it isn't Gingrich took those truisms on to a whole new, extraplanetary level.

    Newt Gingrich promises moon base by the end of his second term

  • The sprawling story of how extraplanetary imperialists impose a mission civilisatrice on the dune-dwelling, sandworm-herding "savages" of an almost waterless world is rich in historic, anthropological and archaeological allusions.

    Any Drop to Drink?

  • The atmosphere is still recovering from problems associated with the impact of a group of extraplanetary objects about two hundred years ago.


  • So if the 'Martian methane' is not due to extraplanetary sources, we're down to biological or geological origin or a combo?

    New Findings Say Mars Methane Comes from Life or Water — or Both | Universe Today

  • However his pursuit of this man using extraplanetary techniques leads him to discover an even bigger and more destabilising secret.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Sight Of Proteus - Charles Sheffield

  • I suspect it is a reference to the events on and around stardate 2757, when Deneva was invaded by a swarm of extraplanetary neuroparasitic life-forms.

    Star Trek: TNG: Losing the Peace

  • The original Earth colony established there in the early twenty-third century had a difficult time maintaining a subsistence living even before they were wiped out by the extraplanetary neural parasites that had later attacked Deneva.

    Star Trek: TNG: Losing the Peace


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