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  • n. A woman's triangular scarf of lightweight fabric, worn over the shoulders and crossed or tied in a loose knot at the breast.

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  • n. A woman's lightweight triangular scarf worn over the shoulders and tied in front

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  • n. A light cape, usually of lace, worn by women, to cover the neck and throat, and extending to the shoulders.

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  • n. A small triangular piece of stuff; hence, any covering for the neck and shoulders forming part of a woman's dress, sometimes a small light covering, as of lace or muslin.

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  • n. a lightweight triangular scarf worn by a woman


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French, from past participle of ficher, to fix, from Vulgar Latin *figicāre, from Latin fīgere; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.

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From French fichu.


  • To our friend both sky and sea were familiar companions; but the fichu was a new friend.

    In and out of Three Normady Inns

  • And uses a centuries-­old trick for a glancing smile at modesty called a "fichu."

    The Full Feed from

  • Later on, the fichu did the same function and could also be considered an early form of dickey.

    Today's Pattern Story and Sale - A Dress A Day

  • Slender and graceful, she was clad in pale yellow, some filmy material that floated behind her in the slight breeze, with a matching fichu, and it struck him that she looked like a sunbeam herself, or certainly some bright, shiny creature that did not belong in the same world as the dark and desperate labyrinth he inhabited.


  • He untied the fichu and got up as quietly as he could.


  • He arranged the tiny garments on the bed, the fichu next to the petticoat, the stockings beside the shoes, and he looked at them, one after the other.

    Les Miserables

  • There was something about her, as she thus ran about among paths, where her outline appeared perfectly black, waving her angular arms, and with her fichu all in rags, that resembled a bat.

    Les Miserables

  • A large blue handkerchief, such as the Invalides use, was folded into a fichu, and concealed her figure clumsily.

    Les Miserables

  • Alors celle la je l'adore parce que ca m'arrive aussi de sursauter aux bruits de la maison quand je joue a ce fichu jeu ... pas plus tard qu'hier je jouais donc au 2 et pouf derriere moi ya une fleur fanée qui se scratche sur la table j'ai sursauté comme un cinglé!

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • Bref, content quand meme de l'avoir parce qu'il est quand meme limité a 5 000 exemplaires ce fichu "album"!!

    pinku-tk Diary Entry


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  • She wore a fluttering white garden party dress—it looked as though it were made of spun sugar—lace gloves, lace hat, lace parasol which she twirledcoquettishly, and a lace fichu which she kept dropping to be retrieved by the pimpled gallants of St. Boniface.

    Patrick Dennis, Auntie Mame (New York: Broadway Books, 2001), p. 65 (orig. pub. 1955)

    June 1, 2016

  • "One was very likely in a crotchet and a fichu. The other's a spinster of the sparse, sharp-nosed sort, all blue stockings and social causes."

    To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, p 57

    July 5, 2010

  • From "A Field of Snow on a Slope of the Rosenberg" by Guy Davenport.

    January 19, 2010

  • A fichu is a large, square kerchief worn by women in the 18th century to fill in the low neckline of a bodice. The fichu was generally of linen fabric and was folded diagonally into a triangle and tied, pinned, or tucked into the bodice in front. (see here)

    June 13, 2007