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  • noun Plural form of force.
  • noun military troops (plural only).
  • noun music the orchestral instrumentation (and voices) used in a musical production (nearly always used in plural form only).
  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of force.


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  • States to keep troops in time of peace, and they are expressly distinguished and placed in a separate category from land or naval forces in the sixteenth paragraph above quoted; and the words _land_ and _naval forces_ are shown by paragraphs 12, 13, and 14, to mean the Army and Navy of the Confederate States.

    The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government

  • Perhaps an episode where the McKinley High School Glee Club and the A/V Club join forces is a mere pipe dream (Fellow Gleeks: we can only imagine the possibilities with Jacob Ben Israel).

    Michael Levine: Make Teaching Creativity More Than Just a Song and Dance (VIDEO)

  • Of course the point where the two join forces is fascinating.

    I is for Identity « An A-Z of ELT

  • Cecil grimaces, throws his hands up, and without another word forces his horse to make a tight turn around.

    Crossing the Tracks

  • Cecil grimaces, throws his hands up, and without another word forces his horse to make a tight turn around.

    Crossing the Tracks

  • I am not sure that our strategic withdrawal of American forces from the Philippines under the onslaught of Imperial Japanese forces is a good comparison to our loss of will to continue the struggle in Vietnam.

    Sound Politics: Rumsfeld To Resign

  • Most people are throwing around the term forces thinking ONLY about the troops military.

    Think Progress » Newsweek:

  • One part of it was full of big hills and mountains, where there were mines of coal and lead, with mighty works with tall chimneys spouting out black smoke, and engines roaring, and big wheels going round, some turned by steam, and others by what they call forces, that is, brooks of water dashing down steep channels.

    Wild Wales : Its People, Language and Scenery

  • The term forces able-bodied people to put aside our own fears of becoming disabled, and focus on that which unites rather than separates us as people with a range of experiences and aspirations who face innumerable challenges.

    Politics Daily

  • Plus, since it elevates consuming from a necessity of life to a responsibility for our very identity, the label forces us to accept things like abusive business practices and environmental degradation as inevitable by-products of our existence.

    The Daily Texan RSS


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