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  • n. Common misspelling of friend.


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  • Yes | No | Report from Kentucky Hunter wrote 28 weeks 1 day ago let it walk call your freind tell him where you seen it if he wants it he will hunt it if not he can buy meat at the store.

    Your Thoughts on "Cross-Tagging"

  • Then again it was just me and my buddy in the theater, the theater serves good beer and amazing food and our freind was the bartender.

    Neil Marshall In Talks To Direct Predators? | /Film

  • Any death of a freind is a tragey but to describe 18-25 year olds as children is stretching the limit a tad.

    If You're From Health & Safety, Look Away Now...

  • My freind has been a part of literally dozens of conversations where the point of the subject is always the same.

    Immigration: Spelling Things Out

  • My freind is a bit of a Tech Nerd and help me with the search.

    Electronic House Recently Filed

  • i want to call my freind in morroco on her mobile does any1 no which is the best phone card to buy and if i should call from landline or mobile thnx?

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  • Hi Jeff, I didn´t know that you are a "freind" of Keith Robinson. Latest blog entries

  • "freind". he has been acting like this ever since he became friends with one of my crushes. has not helped any one else. xXheartbreakXx

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  • July 27th, 2009 11: 40 am ET the media needs to let this go both the man and the officer were wrong in how it went down and the president was defending his freind who cares about it. the only good thing was no one got hurt. and the officer had control of the situation and MADE BAD CHOICES and so did MR GATES.

    Obama to meet this week with professor, officer

  • July 14th, 2009 5: 18 pm ET this woman is here to stay. like it or not. ever hear of a "fly in the ointment"? she can say or do anything now just like her freind in the media entertainment world Rush ... however those she constantly rails against ate not quiters. they face the music every day no matter how frustrating. must be they really believe in something!!

    Palin becomes MoveOn target as SarahPAC cash haul surges


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