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  • adj. Marked by the sound of howling: a howling wind.
  • adj. Desolate; dreary: a howling wilderness.
  • adj. Slang Very great; tremendous: a howling success.

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  • n. The act of producing howls.
  • v. Present participle of howl.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Filled with howling beasts or dismal sounds.
  • Very “loud”; intense: as, a howling swell.

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  • n. a long loud emotional utterance
  • adj. extraordinarily good or great ; used especially as intensifiers


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  • _howling_ dervishes; all our religion consisted in howling like jackals or hyenas, with all our might, until we fell down in real or pretended convulsions.

    The Pacha of Many Tales

  • But, he says, there's no better way to forget about work than to enter a capoeira circle, known as a roda, which he describes as a "howling vortex of energy."

    Fighting the Fun Fight

  • So whether you read from left to right (sent howling from the garden where the stories all begin) or simply wander as gaps in the crowd permit, the pillars of the chapel will have told you how to navigate. on one side the pair of them driven like cattle, her face with its sockets of grief. and on the other side the premise still unspoilt. or is it promise?

    Two Poems

  • There will be a lot of howling from the ‘Baggers’ and Repugs tonight!

    Think Progress » Fox ‘News’ cheerleads for Tea Party protesters.

  • By this time, the wind was really howling from the northwest and snowing so hard I could not even see the horses.

    A cold winter for a young man from Mexico

  • They saw those angels chargrilling their friends, families and regular customers and felt a powerful urge to throw themselves at the angels in howling rage, for the sake of pride and honour, for the love of all that they held dear.

    A Story From Sodom

  • Really did not think to much about it until I stop my truck to bait the bait pile when I heard howling from the direction it ran to.

    Wolf Sightings Wisconsin

  • It became the headline on many of the stories that announced her death on Tuesday, and on Wednesday inspired a question to Cameron in the Commons, which he had to answer to the sound of ghostly howling from the opposition benches.

    Claire Rayner: A sane voice that helped people make sense of the knotty complications of their sexual lives

  • Today things started out with Ramekin howling over some perceived slight just moments after he got up.

    Jekylls and Hydes

  • His poems prompted the conversations that we did not have — conversations about art, about what a poetic line should do, about why the image of a boy sprinting through trees and howling is a moment of sublime revelation.

    POEMS THAT LAST TAKE TWO : Kwame Dawes : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation


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