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  • adj. Poorly conceived or planned: an ill-conceived scheme to take over the company.

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  • adj. Not properly planned or thought through.

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  • adj. poorly conceived or thought out


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  • What do you do when your last major show has been drowned out by boos from the stalls, called "ill-conceived and barkingly offensive" by the critics, and banned by the BBC?

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • My friend William Galston, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and a professor at the University of Maryland, observed, When the rules are inadequate, ill-conceived, or poorly enforced, markets malfunction badly, causing great damage.

    The Good Fight

  • There's still a very large possibility that it could become a fiasco, a quagmire, or whatever other term you wish to describe an ill-conceived military adventure.

    Chris Weigant: Obama's Libyan Gamble, Week Two

  • The subsequent economy of force operation (while our attention shifted to Iraq), avoidance of any meaningful development effort ("we don't do nation building"), and an ill-conceived push to create a strong central government were followed by an increasing emphasis on military operations, even though it was widely recognized that there could not be a military solution.

    Edward Corcoran: Afghanistan: Time to Build

  • Here is the full text of the ill-conceived House language in the FAA reauthorization HR 658:

    Jake Schmidt: Congress Should Not Try to Stop the Europeans From Controlling Aviation's Carbon Pollution

  • Attorney General Holder has finally dropped his ill-conceived plan to prosecute al Qaeda leaders in Manhattan, and he has now restarted the military commissions devised by the Bush administration.

    From Guantanamo to Abbottabad

  • I don't think the abolitionists and the suffragists were wrongly intolerant of the ill-conceived perspectives and political machines that kept slaves and women down.

    Christopher Cocca: The Oldest Injustice

  • I was not only taken aback by McCain's apparent level of comfort with prolonging a war where we were losing young Americans on a daily basis, but also by his continued, stubborn support for an ill-conceived, ill-planned and ill-managed invasion and occupation of a country based on faulty intelligence at best, and on lies, fear mongering and deception at worst.

    Dorian de Wind: America's '100-Year Wars'

  • Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said: The chorus of protest against Andrew Lansley's ill-conceived plans for the NHS grows louder by the day, uniting voices across the health world.

    NHS reforms criticised by leading healthcare publications

  • But only striking down this ill-conceived measure can end this debacle.

    Congress Is Right in Regulating Debit Card Swipe Fees


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