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  • adj. Lacking or exhibiting a lack of good sense or judgment; silly: foolish remarks.
  • adj. Resulting from stupidity or misinformation; unwise: a foolish decision.
  • adj. Arousing laughter; absurd or ridiculous: a foolish grin.
  • adj. Immoderate or stubborn; unreasonable: foolish pride; foolish love.
  • adj. Embarrassed; abashed: I feel foolish telling you this.
  • adj. Insignificant; trivial: spent all their money on foolish little knickknacks.

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  • adj. Lacking good sense or judgement; unwise.
  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a fool.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Marked with, or exhibiting, folly; void of understanding; weak in intellect; without judgment or discretion; silly; unwise.
  • adj. Such as a fool would do; proceeding from weakness of mind or silliness; exhibiting a want of judgment or discretion.
  • adj. Absurd; ridiculous; despicable; contemptible.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Like a fool; manifesting folly; deficient in understanding, sense, or discretion; weak in intellect or judgment; unwise.
  • Proceeding from or prompted by folly; exhibiting a want of discretion or discrimination; silly; vain; trifling.
  • Ridiculous; contemptible.
  • Denoting or indicative of folly.
  • Slight; insignificant.
  • Synonyms Silly, Foolish (see absurd); shallow, brainless, harebrained, simple.

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  • adj. having or revealing stupidity
  • adj. devoid of good sense or judgment


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fool +‎ -ish


  • BRAHIMI: The minister also said that the U.S. and Britain were preparing to launch what he called a foolish and stupid attack, that Iraq was preparing for that, while it was at the same time doing all it could to cooperate and avert war.

    CNN Transcript Mar 17, 2003

  • BRAHIMI: The minister also said that the U.S. was preparing to launch what he called a foolish and stupid attack in defiance of the international communities 'will, but he said Iraq was preparing to face that eventuality as well -- Paula.

    CNN Transcript Mar 17, 2003

  • Refusing to permit anything to interfere with my warm, vibrant, and exciting feelings, I laughed at what I called my foolish imagination and ran from the room, my own laughter trickling behind and finally shut away behind the bedroom doors to linger in the shadows with all the other ghost sounds that haunted Farthinggale Manor.

    Fallen Hearts

  • The Pope rejected what he called their foolish novelties.

    The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 1

  • Every day of the month that followed, Kwan-yin's relatives begged her to give up what they called her foolish notion.

    A Chinese Wonder Book

  • But later, these things which some man has done because he loved you, and which you call foolish, will grow large in your life, and shine out strongly, and when you are discouraged and alone, you will take them out, and the memory of them will make you proud and happy.

    The Lion and the Unicorn

  • First soft, and trembling and crying, she went down on her knees and begged me to give yer father up; but I liked him, and I felt angered with her for taking on what I called foolish, and

    The Children's Pilgrimage

  • He rallied his sister not a little, on what he called her foolish propensity to interfere between other people and their servants; he took her to task rather severely, for the imprudence of her purchase, and the high price she had paid; and he told her with a smile and a shake of the head, that one time or other, her foolish confidence and generosity would be her ruin.

    The White Slave; or, Memoirs of a Fugitive

  • In several articles of his and interviews that he gave during the Yugoslav wars, he heavily criticized the United States 'policies in that region, among other things for the recognition of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a sovereign state, which he described as a foolish act. - Business News

  • Also what I call foolish lack of self-preservation.

    Anime Nano!


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