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  • n. An act of intrusion or encroachment.
  • n. A term used to describe the act of illegal Indian Trade within the area that the Hudsons Bay Company held a trade monopoly over. This area included entire watershed of Hudson's Bay.
  • v. Present participle of interlope.


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Noun form of the word "interloper" (see etymology for interloper for more)


  • Undoubtedly, "said Mr. Touris, the Scots adventurer for fortune, set up as merchant-trader in London, making his fortune by" interloping "voyages to India, but now shareholder and part and lot of the East India Company --" undoubtedly the place has possibilities. "


  • It seemed to me to be a Norman Rockwell version of the football-crazed-giant-school experience, and I was happy to be a small, interloping part of it.

    Dion Nicole: Maybe We Aren't Penn State

  • Also in the generational mix: a pair of emotionally damaged children, two bitter ex-wives and various interloping lovers.

    In Brief: Mysteries

  • Those familiar with the original "murder ballad" will recall that "Frankie and Johnny" has always had three characters — the title couple and an interloping Nellie Bly.

    Moving to the Music of the Duke

  • But neither that story nor its converse -- dedicated educators fending off an assault from interloping scabs -- is productive for anyone.

    Paras Bhayani: Waiting for a Fair Shake: The One Sidedness of 'Waiting for Superman'

  • As I-17 wended north and east through desert, brush, and forest, we marveled at the physical reality of everything we see in relation to the mountains we know so well back home in Pennsylvania, the trees that cover them, the interloping cities and still-interloping suburbs that never suggest this expanse of material, the planet's bones, an endless stretch of at-rest atoms testifying for the universe.

    Christopher Cocca: What Is Sacred Space?

  • I sued the interloping neighbor on behalf of the four disinherited charities, and recovered a substantial amount for them.

    Conflicts Of Interest Common In Estate Planning

  • When Satan admires your interloping into his racket, then by George you've done something!

    Instant News, The Genius of Brit Hume

  • As an aside to my observations yesterday about the problem of the interloping Grey Squirrel comes news of how preposterous governments can become in their desperation to appease the bunny-hugger tendency when the only responsible course would be to get on with the business of culling this non-native species which does so much economic and ecological harm.

    A Nutty Policy

  • It's always a shock to walk around the small desks and spot the interloping computers in the back of the room.

    Honey Seltzer: Vote of Consciousness


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