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  • adj. Unsure of how to act or proceed; undecided.
  • adj. Lacking in resolution; indecisive.

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  • adj. Undecided or unsure how to act
  • adj. Indecisive or lacking in resolution

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Not resolute; not decided or determined; wavering; given to doubt or irresolution.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not resolute or firm in purpose; unable to form a resolution; wavering; given to doubt or hesitation.
  • Synonyms Vacillating, hesitating, undecided, unsettled, faltering.

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  • adj. uncertain how to act or proceed


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

c 1580, from French irrésolu or ir- +‎ resolute


  • Liz, a slender slip of a creature, large-eyed, and woe-begone, stood up before him staring at him in irresolute wretchedness, as he seated himself.

    That Lass o' Lowrie's: A Lancashire Story

  • As to being "irresolute" I've heard worse and from a better bunch than this.

    Pirates defeated.

  • She held out her hand to Donal with a kind of irresolute motion, but withdrawing it, smiled almost beseechingly, and said,

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • I knew that every minute was precious to me, yet I remained irresolute in what manner to commence the interview; when the old man addressed me — 'By your language, stranger, I suppose you are my countryman; — are you French?'

    Chapter 15

  • O never appeared surprised by events or irresolute in adversity.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • They tried not to be publicly judgmental about the character of the incumbent president, but they believed his celebrated political talents disguised an immature and irresolute nature.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • Unsure what to do, the central authorities used what tools they had in counterproductive ways—irresolute and unpredictable stabs of force along with unenforceable attempts at economic blackmail.

    The Return

  • After all, only a hopelessly dysfunctional, politically riven and terminally confused and irresolute society would respond to naked aggression by an oppressive Arab tyranny against its neighbor by launching a large-scale invasion, only to abruptly end hostilities with the aggressor government intact and still in power, settling instead for a long-term blockade to prevent the aggressor from rearming.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » More on Israeli Incompetence

  • The president seems irresolute and unreliable, even when doing the right thing.

    Obama Bungles the Libya Speech

  • All this muddle adds to the sense that Mr. Obama is irresolute, weak and unreliable, even when doing the right thing.

    Obama Bungles the Libya Speech


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  • Hesitant or uncertain

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  • Please check the way your seaking irresolute sounds speaker has said irrevolute, is that correct?

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