from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • adjective Of a sympathetic, helpful, or benevolent nature: synonym: kind.
  • adjective Agreeable; pleasant.
  • adjective Archaic Of or relating to a status derived by legal descent from an ancestor.
  • adjective Obsolete Natural to its kind.
  • adverb Out of kindness.
  • adverb In a kind manner.
  • adverb Pleasantly; agreeably.
  • adverb In an accommodating manner.
  • adverb Obsolete In a way or course that is natural; fittingly.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • Of or pertaining to kind, nature, or origin.
  • Of a suitable nature or quality; fit; proper.
  • Consonant in kind; appropriate; agreeable.
  • Native; pertaining to nativity; indigenous. Sen kindly tenant, below.
  • Naturally inherent; inborn; innate.
  • Of legitimate birth; lawfully begotten.
  • Naturally inclined to good; sympathetic; benevolent: as, a kindly old gentleman; a kindly disposition; also, benignant; gracious.
  • Soft; agreeable; refreshing; favorable; beneficial: as, kindly showers.
  • In a natural or native manner
  • By heart; thoroughly.
  • By nativity; as regards nature or origin.
  • Congenially; readily; spontaneously; with aptitude.
  • In a kind manner; with sympathetic tenderness, consideration, or good will.
  • Lovingly; affectionately; tenderly.
  • Propitiously; auspiciously; favorably.
  • As an act of kindness; as a compliment or favor; good-naturedly: in the phrase to take (something) kindly.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adverb obsolete Naturally; fitly.
  • adverb In a kind manner; congenially; with good will; with a disposition to make others happy, or to oblige.
  • adjective rare According to the kind or nature; natural.
  • adjective Humane; congenial; sympathetic; hence, disposed to do good to; benevolent; gracious; kind; helpful
  • adjective Favorable; mild; gentle; auspicious; beneficent.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adjective Having a kind personality.
  • adverb In a kind manner, out of kindness.
  • adverb in a favourable way.
  • adverb US Please; used to make a polite request.
  • adverb US With kind acceptance; used with take.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adverb in a kind manner or out of kindness
  • adjective pleasant and agreeable
  • adjective showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity


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  • Contempt, dislike, kindly disdain -- he was always _kindly_ -- he made quite a point of _that_.

    April's Lady A Novel

  • Each afternoon, he turned away from the Pentecostal preacher who stood with his Bible at the foot of his bed, and said his name kindly and asked to say a prayer or lay his hands upon the burning body.

    The Best American Poetry 2008

  • Shain from the label kindly took time out to give us a little insight and history of this fiercely independent label.

    Rock Sellout

  • Napolitano, who doesn't think Drudge "means the nickname kindly" said at a recent Politico event that Drudge is wrong in describing DHS programs as Orwellian and that "the privacy impact of new airport screening technology and similar programs are thoroughly vetted before they are implemented," in News

  • While their romance does have more moments of realism than the cutesy couplings of, say, It's Complicated, Karen's transformation from testy to kindly is hard to believe as other characters evolve more realistically.

    'Mother and Child' delves into divisions, reunions

  • He came home; and Mr. Austin kindly bade him take his house for his home till he could return to me.

    Letter 20

  • His smile could be called kindly and deferential, even likable, in the way we want old people to be wise and likable.

    The Glass Rainbow

  • His smile could be called kindly and deferential, even likable, in the way we want old people to be wise and likable.

    The Glass Rainbow

  • His smile could be called kindly and deferential, even likable, in the way we want old people to be wise and likable.

    The Glass Rainbow

  • His father, gentle, self-deprecating, kindly, is the favoured parent, but Barnes seems never to have been able to get close to him because of his ‘solipsistic’ and controlling mother.

    Dead Right « Tales from the Reading Room


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  • as in, "She kindly made me mad."

    April 2, 2007