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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Expressed warmly, exuberantly, and unrestrainedly: a hearty welcome.
  • adj. Complete or thorough; unequivocal: hearty support.
  • adj. Vigorous; robust: a hearty glow of health.
  • adj. Enjoying or requiring much food: a hearty appetite.
  • adj. Providing abundant nourishment; substantial: a hearty meal.
  • n. A good fellow; a comrade.
  • n. A sailor.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • adj. Pertaining to, or proceeding from, the heart; warm; cordial; bold; zealous; sincere; willing; also, energetic; active; eager; as, a hearty welcome; hearty in supporting the government.
  • adj. Exhibiting strength; sound; healthy; firm; not weak; as, a hearty timber.
  • adj. Promoting strength; nourishing; rich; abundant; as, hearty food; a hearty meal.
  • n. : Comrade; boon companion; good fellow; -- a term of familiar address and fellowship among sailors. Dickens.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Pertaining to, or proceeding from, the heart; warm; cordial; bold; zealous; sincere; willing; also, energetic; active; eager
  • adj. Exhibiting strength; sound; healthy; firm; not weak.
  • adj. Promoting strength; nourishing; rich; abundant
  • n. Comrade; boon companion; good fellow; -- a term of familiar address and fellowship among sailors.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Influenced by or proceeding from the heart; heartfelt; sincere; zealous: as, to be hearty in support of a project; a hearty welcome; a hearty laugh.
  • Full of health; exhibiting strength; sound; strong; healthy: as, a hearty man.
  • Adapted for, affording, using, or requiring strong or abundant nourishment: as, hearty food; a hearty dinner; a hearty eater or appetite.
  • Bold; courageous.
  • Synonyms Hearty, Cordial, Sincere; real, unfeigned, unaffected, heartfelt, earnest, ardent, eager. Hearty means having the heart in a thing, warmly interested in favor of something, and acting so as to show this feeling; proceeding straight from the heart, and manifested outwardly. Cordial is rather applied to feelings cherished or felt in the heart, heartfelt, or the outward expression of such feelings: as, cordial love; cordial hatred; cordial desires. Sincere means devoid of deceit or pretense, implying that the sentiments and the outward expression of them are in consonance.
  • Active, vigorous, robust, hale.
  • n. A seaman's familiar form of address: as, come here, my hearties.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. showing warm and heartfelt friendliness
  • adj. consuming abundantly and with gusto
  • adj. without reservation
  • adj. providing abundant nourishment
  • adj. endowed with or exhibiting great bodily or mental health


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  • I doubt if I ever told you that in the old days, when experimenting with the animals, I found that my will -- or brain-power, if you prefer the term -- worked torpidly for a while after meals, although, as you know, I was never what they call a hearty feeder.


  • She rang for me, to see how I was getting on with my needlework -- and she was what I call hearty, for the first time since

    I Say No

  • "Well, that's what I call hearty!" continued the ruffian, following his example.

    Mark Hurdlestone Or, The Two Brothers

  • Members assimilated in hearty courtesy of a Falstaffian Bard's birthday take a break of final Apr hosted by Messrs. Friedman, Madeira, as good as Pope.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • A bronzed and bearded man met them at the top and gripped their hands in hearty fellowship.


  • The cake is packed with berries and is fairly hearty from a mixture of plain and while grain flour.

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  • "When a standpat Republican politician abandons a lifetime of party regularity at 70 to come out in hearty praise of a Democratic President," the paper noted, "it is time for connoisseurs of the unusual to stand by and take notes."

    Greg Mitchell: Dispatches From Incredible 1934 Campaign: Upton Sinclair Fights Back Against Hollywood Scare Tactics

  • Charles V of Spain, in hearty approval of the sentence, hastened to make a gift to Oaxaca of a clock, complete with striking mechanism.

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  • In fact Clark came out in hearty defense of Obama the other day, and I'm sure that was noticed and well-received.

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  • I served the tortilla loaf in hearty slices with some roasted garlic salsa for a heavenly one-dish meal.

    Archive 2007-01-01


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