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  • n. binary logarithm; logarithm to the base 2.
  • abbr. A pound (unit of weight).
  • abbr. leg bye


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Abbreviation for Latin libra.


  • Any gun producing more than about 18 ft lb is uncomfortable to shoot.

    Why Americans Can't Shoot

  • It can vary between fresh wood which has only 2000 Btu/pound of energy and the "high heat value" of 8660 Btu/lb, which is obtained only with perfectly dry wood 0% moisture content and only in an atmosphere of pure oxygen.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Mountain Rose Herbs has organic cocoa butter for $12/lb, which is a pretty negligible difference, but their shipping price via "UPS/Fed Ex Gound" is $8.77 for that order.

    Cocoa butter PSA (What if No One's Watching?)

  • Glory Bee Foods has organic deodorized cocoa butter for $19.70/lb, which is quite a bit more, but shipping is also significantly less, running from $6.50-$9.25 depending on how far you live from their Oregon headquarters.

    Cocoa butter PSA (What if No One's Watching?)

  • For example, when speaking of burning human poop he says β€œOn a wet basis, it can have less than 1000 Btu/lb, which is too little to sustain its own combustion.”

    Blast from the Past: Flaming Babies! « Whatever

  • Also, it weighs 11.4 lb, which is eight lb less (or 41%) than the stamped steel bumper it is replacing.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • Gordon e-mails Purchasing. com from London that inventories of copper cathode are increasing in response to weak demand in the U.S. and reduced imports by China-and that has driven the London Metal Exchange (LME) cash quote this week to $2.45/lb, which is approximately 38% below the May 12, 2006 peak of $3.99.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • Europe's top copper miner, KGHM, sees the world copper cathode price stabilizing soon and averaging $1.36/lb, which is even lower than the $1.56 consensus average of 70 analysts and economists polled by Reuters and Purchasing. com.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • However, the analysts suggested that the nickel market is expected to be relatively tight in the years to come, with a long-term price forecast of $9 / lb, which is closer to the marginal cost of production.

    Mineweb - Daily news headlines

  • The market price is ending this month at $1.31/lb, which is 31% higher than this time last year.

    Purchasing - Top Stories


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