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  • noun A Brazilian dance in a rapid 2/4 time, influenced by the tango and polka.


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  • In the Bahia region of Brazil, where Afro-Brazilian culture is the strongest, burr gherkins are called maxixe (mah-SHEE-shay) and they form the most important ingredient in a traditional dish called and Your Budget

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  • The accomplished musicians bring a rich repertoire of Bellinati's original compositions and arrangements written over Brazilian styles such as maxixe, seresta and Brazilian waltz.


  • With maxixe (pronounced mah-SHEESH '), Mangan and others at UMass grow chipilin (cheep-LEEN'), a legume from Mexico and Central America; jilo (hee-LOH '), an eggplant-like crop grown in Brazil and West Africa; and hierba mora (eer-BAH' MOR-rah), a member of the tomato family.

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  • As they entered, the orchestra were sounding the preliminary whimpers to a maxixe, a tune full of castanets and facile faintly languorous violin harmonies, appropriate to the crowded winter grill teeming with an excited college crowd, high-spirited at the approach of the holidays.

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  • Suddenly, with banging tampani and the crash of cymbals, rattle of tambourines and beating of tomtoms, the barbaric Ethiopians of the dancing orchestra began their syncopated outrages against every known law of harmony -- swinging weirdly into the bewitching, tickling, tingling rhythm of a maxixe.

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  • The chorus men have invaded society with their fox-trots and maxixe steps.

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  • All the girls in the "dancings" and sportsmen at the bar who like a fox-trot or a maxixe have been given to believe, by people who ought to know better, that they are more sensitive to music than those who prefer Beethoven.

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  • They were just starting to do the -- maxixe, wasn't it,

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  • The Englishman can no more be trifling and light-hearted in the Gallic manner than a Polar bear can dance the _maxixe brésilienne_ in the jungle.

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  • To my eye there is nothing more charming than a well-danced maxixe.

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  • "the Brazilian tango"

    The music was influenced by various other forms including the tango, lundu, polka and habanera, and is danced to a rapid 2/4 time. The maxixe was one of the dances that contributed to the samba and lambada. Vernon Castle said of the maxixe in his 1914 book Modern Dancing, "The steps themselves are not difficult; on the contrary, they are childishly simple; it is the easiest dance of all to do, and I think the hardest of all to do well."

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  • a type of ballroom dance, similar to the two-step

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  • Brazilian Portuguese

    July 17, 2009

  • a dark blue beryl gem

    March 9, 2010