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  • n. The act of breaking down a word or phrase into segments or meanings not original to it; breaking down the boundaries between words or other units.


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meta- +‎ analysis, coined by Otto Jesperson.


  • A metanalysis is a method of combining the data from multiple clinical trials so that the results can be statistically analyzed like a single, very large study, thereby yielding clinically valid conclusions.

    Dr. Dennis Gottfried: Is The Media Covering Medicine Accurately

  • She drew her results from a "metanalysis" of existing research into the effects of marijuana on driving ability, combined with traffic accident statistics in the United States and Australia, finding that "(w) hile smoking marijuana does impair driving ability, it does not share alcohol's effect on judgment.

    The Liberty Papers

  • At the same time that this trial was reported, a metanalysis was published in the British Medical Journal comparing stenting to an endarterectomy.

    Dr. Dennis Gottfried: Is The Media Covering Medicine Accurately

  • This metanalysis included results from 4,796 patients, far more than were included in the report at the American Stroke Association conference.

    Dr. Dennis Gottfried: Is The Media Covering Medicine Accurately

  • Pursuant to 6-3, you seem to have alluded to possible bias with selection of the substudies for the metanalysis CENSORED discussion.

    Preisendorfer on Centering "Conventions" « Climate Audit

  • Another one for the metanalysis list: OE nædre MnE adder EYAS.

  • So eyas, like orange and umpire, is the result of metanalysis false division of the article + noun unit: "a nias" "an eyas". EYAS.

  • The Steve Nissen metanalysis that caused most of the public focus on Avandia in 2007 and the FDA advisory committee was poorly conducted and unable to make the conclusion that Avandia was unsafe.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • For his written work, he's best remember for his multiverse/multinarrative metanalysis of Campbellian archtypes known as the "Eternal Champion".

    Pop Crunch

  • I'm looking for someone who can complete a metanalysis on the effectiveness of art therapy in the treatment of mental disorders. New Projects


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