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  • A Middle English form of near.


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  • And Beijing Mandarin, some say, is prettiest at all, with "nar" instead of "nali", etc. "MISPRONOUNCED" WORDS.

  • Kranath saw with dismay that St'nar's clanhome was almost directly south, but taking that route directly was just asking for trouble.

    Fearful Symmetry A Terran Empire novel

  • The room itself could have been a scaled-down dining room from St'nar's clanhome; murals turned the walls into mountain landscapes, unfamiliar and awe-inspiring.

    Fearful Symmetry A Terran Empire novel

  • St'nar's artisans would have no difficulty repairing a cracked cylinder head and a bent push rod.

    Fearful Symmetry A Terran Empire novel

  • Or'nar'ly, if somebody tells you somethin 'out of the way, you just say,' By Jove! 'or' How sad! 'an' leave it at that, an 'half the time you forget about it,' nless somethin 'turns up afterwards to drive it home.

    Whose Body?

  • Or'nar'ly, if somebody tells you somethin 'out of the way, you just say.

    Whose Body

  • He laughed at me for saying "nar" for not (and the like) and I at him for saying "cawm" for calm; and soon we were very merry, and not only merry, but as intimate as friends of a lifetime.

    Doctor Luke of the Labrador

  • "Doory," returned her husband, "ye canna deny I gie ye a bit noo an 'than, specially whan I come upo' onything by ord'nar 'tasty!"

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • "I'll be back in a feow minutes, an 'mak a brakfast o' 't by or'nar '," answered Cosmo, and hastened away up the hill.

    Warlock o' Glenwarlock

  • ` The way that young feller come off, Maggie, 'says I, ` is most extraor'nar'.

    Charlie to the Rescue


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  • Nar.

    November 9, 2015

  • this is great. I wonder if it is derived from gnarly?

    November 9, 2015

  • nar (när), n, 1. Disharmony. 2. Music. Repugnant discord; grating "out-of-tuneness". 3. Bad vibes; bad blood between two or more people, or between a person and some aspect of the Modern World. 4. Large ill-feeling stemming from a small incident (especially a misunderstanding): It turned out that the nar was caused by something I said which I meant to be funny but which she took seriously. 5. The trouble one creates when one doesn't resolve conflicts or when one tries to restrain one's true feelings: He didn't want to rock the boat so he kept his opinion to himself ­ although, in the long run, keeping quiet created even worse nar than anything he might've said. 6. A disturbing atmosphere which appears after an event or encounter (frequently in distinct contrast to what one feels during the occurrence); something which goes unnoticed at the time, but which comes to dominate in the end (for the worst). 7. The mysterious stuff which produces "that sinking feeling" when there is no apparent reason for it. (Look again!) 8. -ry, adj. causing or in a state of nar. [

    November 5, 2015