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  • As soon as I saw that there was a new Wordnik interface, I was ready to hate it. I loved the old interface so much, I just assumed that any change would be bad.

    Turns out I was wrong. Now that I've had a chance to play around with the new interface, I find I quite like it. The colors, especially, are a welcome addition. And I'm pleased to see that you kept the most important part of Wordnik's visual layout: lots and lots of white space. Bravo, Wordnik gnomes! Well done!

    I do have one minor complaint. Across the top of each word page is a navigation menu, consisting of the words "Love", "Define", "Relate", "List", "Discuss", "See", "Hear", and "Share". I'm glad that these navigation links are present, but I think the words that were chosen to represent each link are cryptic and confusing. (Why all verbs?) When I first saw them, I had no idea what they did, and so I was afraid to click on them.

    My suggestion is that you get rid of these verbs and replace them with the names of the sections that they link to. Thus, the words across the top would read "Love", "Definitions", "Related Words", "Lists", "Comments", "Visuals", "Audio", and "Share". That way, people could tell what they do.

    June 18, 2011

  • I posted my previous comment about twenty seconds ago, and yet Wordnik says I posted the comment "about 9 hours ago". Perhaps this bug is associated with the new interface?

    June 18, 2011

  • I second ruzuzu's comment on the Feedback page. The reverse dictionary is teh alsome.

    June 18, 2011

  • Having a reverse dictionary will certainly cut down on my obsessive tagging. :-)

    June 18, 2011

  • Wow. That's what I get for being away for a week or so. Need to go figure this out now....

    June 18, 2011

  • And the previous comment, which I posted a few seconds ago, has time-traveled and was apparently posted 15 hours ago. *scratches head*

    June 18, 2011

  • Love the font on Comments! The one used for comments below links is a bit hard on the eyes, though. I think someone else mentioned that it would be great if the Comments section were higher up on the page rather then relegated to the bottom half. :-)

    June 18, 2011

  • I'm trying to deal, but I found the Old Interface to be the best anywhere. This new scheme looks like the cover art for Hector and the Search for Happiness. Not so good; help.

    June 18, 2011

  • I have to admit, it's probably going to take me a while to get used to this but it's definitely not bad! I love the new love button.


    Edit: is the love button akin to 'Favourite'?

    June 19, 2011

  • - I can't find the formatting popup window. Is it missing?

    - Log in or sign up to add words to this list appears when you visit a non-open list, whether you are logged in or not.

    June 19, 2011